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“I’m not going any deeper than that. I’ll start to cry.”

May 3, 2010

Actor Paul Eenhoorn plays the Marigold patriarch Pierce “Pops” Marigold.  It’s a trip back to the Emerald Isle with this wry humor and soft lilting voice.


“At twelve I was put into a play. I literally did not know what theater was.”

May 3, 2010

Towsend Cannon plays Father Brendan Caffee in The Divine Marigolds.  “I was born in Panama.  (My dad) was busy doing CIA operative things.”  Townsends tale is a hilly ride from there to here. 

“I’ve been acting, actually, for a pretty long time…”

May 2, 2010

The Divine Marigolds

May 2, 2010

The Divine Marigolds is a TV Pilot set in Seattle and due to create a lot of buzz .   It concerns an Irish-American family, the Marigolds, folded around an adopted priest who functions both as their life narrator and wise council.  

The Seattle Celebrity News! dropped by one day to see what all the excitement was about and to talk with a few of the stars – if we could.

To see an engaging KickStart video for this project visit:

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