Plays and Such by Jorj Savage

Jorj Savage Heads Out

“11 at El Puerto 8 at Driftwoood

I go to plays with my playwright friend Donna, and tonight we joined 9 fellow playwrights and their partners and spouses at a popular Mexican Restaurant in Edmonds where they serve Margueritas.  Then we all moved up the street to the 220 seat “alternative stage” where, out of 87 one acts submitted, 8 had been chosen and produced.  There was a great variety of themes including terrorism, physical disabilities, the treatment of a brain injured Iraq vet and what a pitcher and catcher talked about when a World Series game is on the line.  I particularly liked Ann Teplick’s play about a husband who didn’t want to go to a family gathering because his wife’s cross dressing brother evoked feelings he wasn’t comfortable with.  Tickets are $10.   The show runs Saturday and Sunday with the audience voting a best play every night and the judges voting best play the last night.   Jorj”

Editor’s Note:  Celebrated actor/playwright Jorj Savage will be filing stories from his wanderings from time to time.  (Hear his one-time interview here also, on Schn00dle’s Blog.)

Photo by Carl Nelson

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