Plays and Such by Jorj Savage

Jorj Often Has a Beer After a Good Show

“You get two shows for one this year and the show runs one more weekend at The Seattle Repertory Theater, Thursday thru Saturday at 8 with 2 p.m. matinee on Saturday and Sunday.

BOX AND COX was a “chase comedy” from the 19th centry and I saw it done in 1965 at Virginia City, Montana with David Arkin in a leading role.  He is Alan Arkin’s cousin. Gilbert and Sullivan borrowed the story of two men who shared the same bed and didn’t know it becase one slept days and the other nights.  They reversed the names to COX AND BOX and substituted songs for chases and cut it to 40 minutes.

There is an intermission while that set is “flown’ and then the curtain rises on the deck of a ship for H.M.S. PINTAFORE. Talk shows host David Ross plays Dick Deadeye and John Brookes is in the plumb role of the suitor no woman would want for a husband.  So the story unfolds, played for some emotion, and the young lovers make a nice couple although Jenny Shotwell can probably break a glass when she gives it everything she’s got. There’s nearly 50 in the cast including the uncles and the cousin’s, he has them by the dozens.”

I found I knew many of the lines by heart and was carried along with the elderly crowd, carried back to an earlier time.

David Ross, in my opinion, could hold his own on Broadway and certainly in Congress but Seattle is lucky to have him getting us fireworks and sparking up Gilbert and Sullivan every year.”    –  Jorj

Photo by Carl Nelson

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