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Plays and Such with Jorj Savage

August 31, 2010

One Reason Jorj Stays In Shape Is Because the Really Good Shows Are Tough to Get Into

“DR. HORRIBLE (Sing-Along Blog) sold out at Balagan.

My childhood friend, Jim, from Alaska touches down in Seattle a couple times a year and I always get him to a play or two.  He had tonight (Monday August 20th) free but there seemed to be nothing either at Town Hall or the other talk venues or on stage.  But my friend Tara somehow discovered a special added performance of DR. HORRIBLE, pay-what-you will no reservations taken.  Jim and I were out front on Pike Street at 6:15 for the 8 pm show soon there was a line stretched out behind us.  Jim started talking with a woman named Jenn  who works as a stage mnanager around town and soon I was talking to her then he was.  The time passed pleasantly and she ended up siting between us in the front row.

The show was a hodge podge of romance, a superhero, songs, dance, satire, a pantomime of the homeless being fed at a soup line, a Asian woman making politically incorrect rant through a song.  The principles were Eric Ankrim as Dr. Horrible and co director.  Jake Groshong, Balagan director, played Captain Hammer his rival for the girl Penny played by Annie Jantzer.  Brain Lange was a farcical loner called moist.  He was always drenched in water.

It opens in a laundromat.  The dancing was precice and comic.  The singing in harmony, the lyrics some times sentimental sometimes comic.  One rousing song by Captain Hammer was about everyone can be a hero.  Butch Stevenson was Bad Horse.
The audience loved it.  It spoke to the new generation.  Anger at the world is expressed though fantasy and absurdity and yet with an underlying humanity.

So I got to see it and you probably can’t.  But what a city to have theater shows that sell out. When we went to The Elysian for a burger after I showed Jim the wall of posters and did my thing of pointing to various posters and saying I saw that one, that one we saw last night together, I saw that one. I missed the EAT MY SHORTS one acts at Open Circle but knew two playwright’s who had plays in the show and a couple directors and an actor as well. Tomorrow night I go to the Odd Duck and hear he WARP Haloween show line up of 15 minute plays read through so we can time them.    –  Jorj”

Photo by Carl Nelson


Plays and Such with Jorj Savage

August 31, 2010
Editor’s Note:  Jorj will get to your show as soon as is possible.
Jorj Picking Up the Money Which Several Have Sent: Thank You!

“Nebunele Theater Presents FRIEND’S ENEMY by ensemble at Stone Stone Soup Upstage.  I took some friends visiting from Alaska to the last performance August 29th.  We sat in the front row and it was theater of Kings.  We were just a few feet from the actors.  We got some real close ups.

It wasn’t an ecology message but a play about an organization that purchased land for wildlife habitat then let logging companies log it.  Nina, the daughter of the deceased co-founder, is investigating what is really going on.

The co-founder and now CEO Laura Richards, played by company founder Alissa Mortensen, is having a lesbian relationship with her secretary Courtney.  When Nina finds out the truth about the company Laura has to resign and it causes a breakup in her relationship with Courtney played by Grace Booth..  A eco-terrorist played by Erwin Galan is well portrayed. There is use of sound overs and a scrim.  As Nina writes her piece for Newsweek scenes are seen typed out on the screen and then deleted as Nina reworks her story.  Sophie Nimmannit was very effective as Nina, a woman who finds the truth about her father, and finds the truth about her mother’s work, and finally finds her own identity.

FRIEND’S ENEMY ran 70 minutes without an intermission so it could be called a long one act in keeping with Stone Soups mission of doing one act plays.

My friends from Alaska, not big theater goers, were very impressed and entertained. The script was a successful collaborative effort. The troup of 9 even went on a two week retreat to the forests of Northern California to ‘augment research’.   – Jorj”

Photo by Carl Nelson

Plays and Such with Jorj Savage

August 31, 2010
Editor’s Note:  Jorj attends a lot of theater, and many shows twice.
Jorj Re-Visits the Little Red Studio


“Ron Richardson has a Good Story to Tell.

I often go to a play more than once.  Revisiting MY LIFE WITH THE LADY with my playwright friend Mari Salinas I was able to see the show through her eyes.  She is a desk manager at a hotel in Kent and has many tales of the hotel.  I wanted her to see LADY because she might create a similar show.  It was sold out and though she didn’t laugh or cry she enjoyed the stories.  She agreed with me that it needs to be more theatrical and yet it’s honesty, just as it is, was enough for us.  But with some live girls and maybe more stories acted out it could run ten years and go to Broadway.  It’s Seattle History, it provides insights into the adult sex industry, and all by someone who was there for 5 years.  Richardson doesn’t have to make anything up.  There’s enough material for a trilogy of plays.  Co-author John Longenbaugh’s craft is apparent throughout the script.  The Little Red Studio on Dexter is the right home for this tryout.

 I still like to push SEX AT DAWN as a new book for anyone interested in questioning the way sex is perceived in the world today.       – Jorj”

Photo by Carl Nelson

Plays and Such with Jorj Savage

August 24, 2010
Jorj as a Spectator

Folktales from Around the World” at MOHAI and Woman’s Basketball Finals.

“I went with my actor friend Esme DeCoster to see some folk tales at MOHAI.  The show was produced for Friends of Yesler Swamp by Art Feinglass.  Esme had been in shows with Jeremy January who added to his list of great roles by playing a troll with a purple wig, a wise Rabbi, and an Indian who teaches the people how to push up he sky.  It was too low and elk were bumping their antlers on it.  Playwright Chris Bailey Bailey was in the audience with his son Dillon (age 3) who was a bit frightened by Jeremy’s troll. One really needed to be five to fully understand these stories. John Ruoff read the tales and others in the excellent cast were Emily Fairbrook, Fox Mathews, and Rachel Ross.  There was also a bear that didn’t get program credit.

Whenever people gather it’s showbusiness and a story.  I’ve watched the Storm this year set a record for basketball games won by one point.  They are undefeated on home court.  When the game is on the line, the starting five have a slow gunfighter’s walk as they move onto the court.  “Gunfight at the OK Corral” and “High Noon” move over.  This isn’t Burt Lancaser and Kirk Douglas, this is LJ, Sue Bird, Camille Little, Tanesha Wright and Swin Cash.  A video on the screen says it for them “Not in Our House.”  Last night the starting five sauntered onto the court with less than a minute to go and beat the LA Sparks by, what else, one point. It was their final home win. Don’t miss the playoffs. The the shooting starts August 25th at Key Arena.”

–  Jorj

Photo by Carl Nelson

Plays and Such with Jorj Savage

August 21, 2010

Jorj Considers the Allure of the Other Sex

“I’ve been reading the recently published SEX AT DAWN which raises many questions about what sex is and isn’t and it was good background for tonight (8/19) when I made my second visit to The Little Red Studio to this time see MY TIME WITH THE LADY.  My companion and I sat in one of their nooks and watch Ron Richardson tell the story of his days working as a janitor and front desk man at the recently closed LUSTY LADY where women danced for men who  whacked off. Mr. Richardson begins by saying Seattle’s First Ave. has a proud history of whore houses and strip clubs.  He then tells stories while a dancer (Kirsten Lauzon) dances behind a scrim.  John Longenbaugh co-authored the piece and directed.  Longenbaugh and Richardson have been working on it with Mary Cutler since before they knew the Lusty Lady would close.  Many who knew the women of he Lusty Lady  were in the audience and called out when a name was mentioned. The show obviously rang true to those it was about.

MY TIME WITH THE LADY is not yet a play but I suspect it will have legs.  It’s got Seattle history, sex, selected stories that have humor and pathos and a narrator who, after learning life lessions in a classy strip joint, went to college and made good, but always kept his ties with his past.

The Little Red Studio is accepting of sex in a good way and in the context of its stage MY LIFE WITH THE LADY is right on target for the audience there.  But I’d say the play with a little more plot and some songs could be another ANGRY HOUSEWIVES. Only one more week of this run is scheduled.   Jorj”

Photo by Carl Nelson

Work, work, work… with Rita Andreeva

August 17, 2010

Rita Finds Work!

Editor’s Note:  You can stop sending money$$$$.   Rita’s found work!

“I just got my first real job building a website for a real company! I am so excited, I got a 5 gal box of wine so I can just sit still in front of a computer. I’ll probably end up working until I pass out. No matter that it’s just a one-person business; it’s my first real life client! This is soooo cool! Lucky for me it is going to be one of those dream jobs: hardly any programming, mostly just artistic layout and logo and art design, and a little Flash animation. I feel pretty damn lucky! That’s with no experience, mind you! My classmates would be so jealous, they’d want to crucify me; I didn’t even have money to finish the program, had to temporarily drop out. Of course, I charge very little per hour, pure pittance, but I put in lots of hours. Hopefully my client will be happy and recommend me to someone. So far, I’ve been only working one day, but I absolutely love it – it truly is the funnest job ever! Finally I am doing a job that’s using my skills and not just standing at the counter as a lame and disgruntled customer service clerk! I’ll drink to that! Hell, all of you who are reading this – celebrate with me, get stinking drunk! This is The life!”

                                                                  – Rita

Photo by Carl Nelson

Fashion with Chris

August 16, 2010

Editor’s Note:  In this final installment of beach fashion with Chris we see how fashion sense has helped Chris to fully enjoy his day at Alki.  Like a migrating bird who finds his flock, Chris’ style sense has found him immediate chums.

Women Love Strong Men in Kilts

“Okay, I know what the “piggyback” joke here is, but I’m telling you it’s called the Poppin’ Fresh, the Cushion for the Pushin’!!! You Ladies know what I’m talkin’ ’bout…  ”

Editor’s Note:  …but the Editor hasn’t a clue.


“Yes, you’ve caught me! I get most of my fashion ideas from the pages of Bizarre (no, not Bazaar!!!) ”

“Ooooh, photo faux pas here.  Bomb pops cause a visible sort of Brain Freeze called Forehead Furrow (AIRBRUSH!!!)”

“Mmm, Carl’s attention wandered here. Very nice feet, but not MY feet… ”

“Showing how the youth trust me. Okay, the double devil’s horns may indicate misplaced trust, but I do love the “youth” & their sense of humor… ”


“No, I’m not teasing the dog, he just didn’t want to eat after me!”


“There’s no better fashion accessory  than a dog, especially a… PIT BULL?!  Yes, a pit bull… ”

“Goggles are de rigeur for the beach. You never know when some bully will kick sand in your face. A word to the wise re: your eyes…”

“Again, if you’re gonna rock the kilt action, make sure you have the legs for it!!!”

“A big fist bump/ thumb’s up. A double good day at Alki!!”

Photos by Carl Nelson

Many thanks to Liane, the lovely model in the pink hat.

From the Editor’s Perch

August 14, 2010


The Hierarchies


A Little Bit of God

There’s the old joke that life is like pulling a dogsled – if you’re not the lead dog, all you see are assholes.  What does this have to do with Art?  Well, before you can get people to appreciate beauty, first you have to get their attention.  And this is not so easy.  The problem even perplexed Jesus, who famously griped, (with my paraphrase and exclamation point) “Heaven is all around us, if only you have the eyes to see!”   “Well that’s all fine and good,” most reply, “but I’m a practical person and I’ve got to keep my sights on the rear-end of this dog ahead of me.  Go away and don’t bother me.” 

People who have tried to help impoverished artists find that “you give them money, and they just spend it on more art materials.”   What art achieves, at least for that evanescent moment, is to get our eyes off the rear-end of that sled dog ahead of us.  And that’s intoxicating.

 I’m often frustrated when I find reason useless.  But I’m not alone in this quandary.  Sociologist have studied the best way to reform terrorists (perhaps the most fanatical of us all) and found the best way to reform a terrorist is to get them married.  Now, at first blush, does this sound reasonable?

But does being an artist sound reasonable?  As artists start to work each day, we all pray, or meditate, or maybe just mutter a bit, or tie one shoelace backwards for inspiration.  Because a little bit of God can go a long way.

Poster and Photo by Carl Nelson

Plays and Such with Jorj Savage

August 13, 2010

The Smart Patron Dresses Approriately for 'Pay-What-You-Can Night'

“I read the Times review of “Yankee Tavern” and learned Shawn Telford was in it.  He had been in one of my plays which we did at a Seattle Fringe Theater Festival back in tghe 90’s. I was reluctantly ready to pay full price but then my playwright friend Scot Bastian told me that today (Thursday August 12th) there was a pay-what-you-will matinee and so I took the bus down to ACT and got a row H bar stool seat at the top row and Scot wangaled one next to me.

Shawn plays the romantic lead Adam who is very close to marrying Janet (Jennifer Lee Taylor).  They work in his deceased father’s bar in a hotel that is otherwise shut down and slated for demolition.  Sam, (Charles Legett)is Adam’s buddy, who lives in an abandoned room above with ghosts, who he talks to, and rats who he’s used to.  Ray has conspirasparies up the ying yang and calls into talk radio and also rants to Adam and Janet.  He has as colorful choice of words and phrases, and sees interesting, if paranoid, connections beween the events of recent years mostly about the attacks on the World Trade Center on 9/11. He thinks the neo-cons in the Bush administration were behind it.

A silent menacing man named Palmer, (R.Hamilton Wright), comes into the bar for two beers, one for him, one for someone not there.  He clicks his bottle against the other beer in a toast but says little and when he finally does speak he reveals he was part of the alleged 9/11 fix.  He planted a passport that belonged to one of the terrorists, after the event.  Many questions are raised about what really happened, some far fetched.

There’s has been a romance between Adam and one of his college professors who may have been involved in 9/11.  Adam is lured to one last love tryt with her. She uses him to transport a chip with information.  Adam is killed.  All this happens off stage at the end and it’s not clear what it all means.  This is a new play.  Ray is a memorable stage character but he doen’t end up doing anything heroic or even by chance.  It doesn’t have a satisfying ending yet.  But equity actor Shawn Telford has aother notch in his gun belt in what I see as his progression toward being his generation’s John Procochino.”

                                                                             – Jorj

Photo by Carl Nelson

Work, work, work… with Rita Andreeva

August 12, 2010

Rita Ponders Her Next Career Move

“My latest job interview:

P’s phone number contained three sixes, not even counting the six in the 206 area code, and our meeting took place at El Diablo coffee shop. Do you think that could have been a bad omen?
The interview actually seemed to go very well, with P. saying “yes” not in so many words. He said he was going to email me some paperwork. I got no emails for about 3 days, and I pretty much gave up, but then I got an email from him, saying, “sorry, I was real busy, I’ll call you tomorrow.” He never did call. Then I emailed him, then he sent me an application and said please fill it out, sign it and get it back to me. I did. Then nothing again for two days, then an email: “I’ll call you at 10 tomorrow.” Tomorrow, at about 8pm I emailed him back: “Did you mean 10pm?” He did email me back, “Sorry I got real busy, I’ll get back to you.” Then next day not a word again.
Looks like, at best, I’m dealing with a guy who is incapable of saying “no” to anyone and would rather stall indefinitely. And at worst, he could be using the employment ruse to collect information on people to steal their identities.
If anyone has any suggestions as to what I should do, you’re welcome to offer them.”

                                                                                               – Rita

Photo by Carl Nelson

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