Producer’s Diary

Your Career Escalator: Going Up or Down?

Editor’s Note:  Want to know how you career is going?  Careful…   Will Chase might tell you.  (For more information about Will, check out his interview on the Seattle Celebrity News!  Want to see one of his projects clicking?  Check out The Divine Marigolds, a local TV pilot.  Want to see trailers of a couple movies he’s been involved with?  Go to:  or go to:  )

“Time.  There used to be so much of it, and as the years pass, so too do the minutes of the day.  Faster, and faster like the whir of a Hard drive, downloading the footage to my last film.  Currently I am working on or developing no less than five projects, all of which are dependent on completion and distribution for remuneration.  Which brings me to my next point: Money.  There seems to be a glut of it these days, even for experienced film makers.  I have been in the business for 10 years and have always had a “job type job” that helps me eat, and you know, pay rent.  What student loans?  Defer, baby, defer!!! This can be a challenge, but if you have a great partner who is patient, willing to listen to your endless stories on how “I will never work with so and so again” and “REALLY!  You show up to my shoot two hours late and don’t come to me and apologize immediately!!!” and “yeah, so I know I’m about, oh, entirely short on rent, but I PROMISE, next month will be different.”  Thank god for the ones who love us, as without them, I know I would be much less effective in producing and promoting independent film in Seattle.  Which brings us to my last point.  The film community in Seattle:  I moved to Seattle 7 years ago, deliberately avoiding NYC and LA for the distinct reason that I didn’t want to be a nameless, faceless number.  This was in my acting days, but I feel like it applies to producing as well. I.E. You have to build your reputation as a creative individual who has impeccable follow through, instincts and you must, MUST know this one thing:  If you are starting out as a professional in the film industry, surround yourself with people that have been at this game alot longer than yourself.  No man is an island, and in this house, if you cast a stone, the whole glass structure will come tumbling down on your head.  I have learned from those around me that are smart, efficient, gracious and professional, that if you intend to succeed, you must know how to listen.  I hope this falls on the ears of the up and coming in Seattle.  We have an incredible opportunity to make Seattle one of the top film locations in the country, but only if we are willing to commit 100%.  I have been to many “networking” events throughout Seattle and each time I hear the same thing: “Why is it so hard to find paid work?”  I’ll tell you why, because all the paid work is going to the individuals that have been at this game for the last 10-20 years.  Please don’t complain to me (or anyone, for that matter) about the lack of paid work.  You have to MAKE the paid work.  This isn’t, or anyother website promising you a job.  This is the job you create, and the personality and drive that you bring to the table will help define what you are worth.  If you complain on set, I’ll pretty much write you off then and there.  If you are not anticipating what I want from you, done.  If you are asking me whether or not you are going to get paid before we get the first shot off, get off my set.  I’ve paid my dues.  Pay yours.”

                                                     – Will Chase

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