Plays and Such with Jorj Savage

Jorj Takes a Close Look At This Latest Shakespeare Offering

“Troilus and Cressida,” a Shakespeare play about events Homer wrote of, is playing one more weekend at the Odd Duck Studio. It’s pay what you will all nights.  The Shakespeare language played as written by a youthful athletic cast and the many fights are well stage.  The Greeks wear camoflage army fatigues and the Trojans are mid-Eastern, wearing clothes that look like they were bought at Folklife.  The Trojan woman cover their heads.

It begins with 60’s folksongs played by a man with guitar ending with Donovan’s classic “The Universal Soldier”.  Beyond the constumes and pre-show songs the war issue is left to the play to portray.  With 16 in the cast and many famous warriors  including  Hector (Parker Mathews) and Ajax (Julia Welch). Adrian Moynihan makes a tall compelling Troilus and Anna Richardson is a lusty Cressida.  When she’s forced to leave Trolius after great sex, for reasons I didn’t understand, she ends up being kissed my about six Greek soldiers in symbolic violation scene.  She betrays Troilus and by the end is off stage and we watch Hector being slain.  It’s a total of three hours with one intermission but  worth seeing for the integrity of the production which lets the story unfold with not a “message” but numerous messages which stories are capable of revealing.  At one point somone says “Wisdom is no member of the war.”  There’s a character named Pander which must be where the word pander comes from.  And the colorful Shakespeare tough talk: “I’d rather be a tick in a flea’s ear…”  The director was Rachael Wolfe of One Shot Productions and should be thanked for allowing us hear every darling word and finding ways to help the actors bring the speeches to life.” 

                                                                                     –   Jorj Seattle 8/5/10

Photo by Carl Nelson


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