Work, work, work… with Rita Andreeva

Rita Ponders Her Next Career Move

“My latest job interview:

P’s phone number contained three sixes, not even counting the six in the 206 area code, and our meeting took place at El Diablo coffee shop. Do you think that could have been a bad omen?
The interview actually seemed to go very well, with P. saying “yes” not in so many words. He said he was going to email me some paperwork. I got no emails for about 3 days, and I pretty much gave up, but then I got an email from him, saying, “sorry, I was real busy, I’ll call you tomorrow.” He never did call. Then I emailed him, then he sent me an application and said please fill it out, sign it and get it back to me. I did. Then nothing again for two days, then an email: “I’ll call you at 10 tomorrow.” Tomorrow, at about 8pm I emailed him back: “Did you mean 10pm?” He did email me back, “Sorry I got real busy, I’ll get back to you.” Then next day not a word again.
Looks like, at best, I’m dealing with a guy who is incapable of saying “no” to anyone and would rather stall indefinitely. And at worst, he could be using the employment ruse to collect information on people to steal their identities.
If anyone has any suggestions as to what I should do, you’re welcome to offer them.”

                                                                                               – Rita

Photo by Carl Nelson

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