Plays and Such with Jorj Savage

The Smart Patron Dresses Approriately for 'Pay-What-You-Can Night'

“I read the Times review of “Yankee Tavern” and learned Shawn Telford was in it.  He had been in one of my plays which we did at a Seattle Fringe Theater Festival back in tghe 90’s. I was reluctantly ready to pay full price but then my playwright friend Scot Bastian told me that today (Thursday August 12th) there was a pay-what-you-will matinee and so I took the bus down to ACT and got a row H bar stool seat at the top row and Scot wangaled one next to me.

Shawn plays the romantic lead Adam who is very close to marrying Janet (Jennifer Lee Taylor).  They work in his deceased father’s bar in a hotel that is otherwise shut down and slated for demolition.  Sam, (Charles Legett)is Adam’s buddy, who lives in an abandoned room above with ghosts, who he talks to, and rats who he’s used to.  Ray has conspirasparies up the ying yang and calls into talk radio and also rants to Adam and Janet.  He has as colorful choice of words and phrases, and sees interesting, if paranoid, connections beween the events of recent years mostly about the attacks on the World Trade Center on 9/11. He thinks the neo-cons in the Bush administration were behind it.

A silent menacing man named Palmer, (R.Hamilton Wright), comes into the bar for two beers, one for him, one for someone not there.  He clicks his bottle against the other beer in a toast but says little and when he finally does speak he reveals he was part of the alleged 9/11 fix.  He planted a passport that belonged to one of the terrorists, after the event.  Many questions are raised about what really happened, some far fetched.

There’s has been a romance between Adam and one of his college professors who may have been involved in 9/11.  Adam is lured to one last love tryt with her. She uses him to transport a chip with information.  Adam is killed.  All this happens off stage at the end and it’s not clear what it all means.  This is a new play.  Ray is a memorable stage character but he doen’t end up doing anything heroic or even by chance.  It doesn’t have a satisfying ending yet.  But equity actor Shawn Telford has aother notch in his gun belt in what I see as his progression toward being his generation’s John Procochino.”

                                                                             – Jorj

Photo by Carl Nelson

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