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A Little Bit of God

There’s the old joke that life is like pulling a dogsled – if you’re not the lead dog, all you see are assholes.  What does this have to do with Art?  Well, before you can get people to appreciate beauty, first you have to get their attention.  And this is not so easy.  The problem even perplexed Jesus, who famously griped, (with my paraphrase and exclamation point) “Heaven is all around us, if only you have the eyes to see!”   “Well that’s all fine and good,” most reply, “but I’m a practical person and I’ve got to keep my sights on the rear-end of this dog ahead of me.  Go away and don’t bother me.” 

People who have tried to help impoverished artists find that “you give them money, and they just spend it on more art materials.”   What art achieves, at least for that evanescent moment, is to get our eyes off the rear-end of that sled dog ahead of us.  And that’s intoxicating.

 I’m often frustrated when I find reason useless.  But I’m not alone in this quandary.  Sociologist have studied the best way to reform terrorists (perhaps the most fanatical of us all) and found the best way to reform a terrorist is to get them married.  Now, at first blush, does this sound reasonable?

But does being an artist sound reasonable?  As artists start to work each day, we all pray, or meditate, or maybe just mutter a bit, or tie one shoelace backwards for inspiration.  Because a little bit of God can go a long way.

Poster and Photo by Carl Nelson

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2 Responses to “From the Editor’s Perch”

  1. blackwatertown Says:

    Yes that’s the problem with creating art, you then have to find the energy and gumption to run round telling everyone about it.
    As for the terrorists, marrying them may work for some. But what about the rebels with a pressing cause? Especially the widowers?

  2. dangblog Says:

    I find inspiration from the Church of the SubGenius. “Repent! Quit your job! Slack off!” It’s a goal to attain that will bring me back to writing plays. And if I don’t make it, I have the consolation of, “Eternal salvation or triple your money back.”

    I added Schnoodles to my blogroll.

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