Fashion with Chris

Editor’s Note:  In this final installment of beach fashion with Chris we see how fashion sense has helped Chris to fully enjoy his day at Alki.  Like a migrating bird who finds his flock, Chris’ style sense has found him immediate chums.

Women Love Strong Men in Kilts

“Okay, I know what the “piggyback” joke here is, but I’m telling you it’s called the Poppin’ Fresh, the Cushion for the Pushin’!!! You Ladies know what I’m talkin’ ’bout…  ”

Editor’s Note:  …but the Editor hasn’t a clue.


“Yes, you’ve caught me! I get most of my fashion ideas from the pages of Bizarre (no, not Bazaar!!!) ”

“Ooooh, photo faux pas here.  Bomb pops cause a visible sort of Brain Freeze called Forehead Furrow (AIRBRUSH!!!)”

“Mmm, Carl’s attention wandered here. Very nice feet, but not MY feet… ”

“Showing how the youth trust me. Okay, the double devil’s horns may indicate misplaced trust, but I do love the “youth” & their sense of humor… ”


“No, I’m not teasing the dog, he just didn’t want to eat after me!”


“There’s no better fashion accessory  than a dog, especially a… PIT BULL?!  Yes, a pit bull… ”

“Goggles are de rigeur for the beach. You never know when some bully will kick sand in your face. A word to the wise re: your eyes…”

“Again, if you’re gonna rock the kilt action, make sure you have the legs for it!!!”

“A big fist bump/ thumb’s up. A double good day at Alki!!”

Photos by Carl Nelson

Many thanks to Liane, the lovely model in the pink hat.

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