Work, work, work… with Rita Andreeva

Rita Finds Work!

Editor’s Note:  You can stop sending money$$$$.   Rita’s found work!

“I just got my first real job building a website for a real company! I am so excited, I got a 5 gal box of wine so I can just sit still in front of a computer. I’ll probably end up working until I pass out. No matter that it’s just a one-person business; it’s my first real life client! This is soooo cool! Lucky for me it is going to be one of those dream jobs: hardly any programming, mostly just artistic layout and logo and art design, and a little Flash animation. I feel pretty damn lucky! That’s with no experience, mind you! My classmates would be so jealous, they’d want to crucify me; I didn’t even have money to finish the program, had to temporarily drop out. Of course, I charge very little per hour, pure pittance, but I put in lots of hours. Hopefully my client will be happy and recommend me to someone. So far, I’ve been only working one day, but I absolutely love it – it truly is the funnest job ever! Finally I am doing a job that’s using my skills and not just standing at the counter as a lame and disgruntled customer service clerk! I’ll drink to that! Hell, all of you who are reading this – celebrate with me, get stinking drunk! This is The life!”

                                                                  – Rita

Photo by Carl Nelson

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