Plays and Such with Jorj Savage

Jorj Considers the Allure of the Other Sex

“I’ve been reading the recently published SEX AT DAWN which raises many questions about what sex is and isn’t and it was good background for tonight (8/19) when I made my second visit to The Little Red Studio to this time see MY TIME WITH THE LADY.  My companion and I sat in one of their nooks and watch Ron Richardson tell the story of his days working as a janitor and front desk man at the recently closed LUSTY LADY where women danced for men who  whacked off. Mr. Richardson begins by saying Seattle’s First Ave. has a proud history of whore houses and strip clubs.  He then tells stories while a dancer (Kirsten Lauzon) dances behind a scrim.  John Longenbaugh co-authored the piece and directed.  Longenbaugh and Richardson have been working on it with Mary Cutler since before they knew the Lusty Lady would close.  Many who knew the women of he Lusty Lady  were in the audience and called out when a name was mentioned. The show obviously rang true to those it was about.

MY TIME WITH THE LADY is not yet a play but I suspect it will have legs.  It’s got Seattle history, sex, selected stories that have humor and pathos and a narrator who, after learning life lessions in a classy strip joint, went to college and made good, but always kept his ties with his past.

The Little Red Studio is accepting of sex in a good way and in the context of its stage MY LIFE WITH THE LADY is right on target for the audience there.  But I’d say the play with a little more plot and some songs could be another ANGRY HOUSEWIVES. Only one more week of this run is scheduled.   Jorj”

Photo by Carl Nelson

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