Plays and Such with Jorj Savage

Jorj as a Spectator

Folktales from Around the World” at MOHAI and Woman’s Basketball Finals.

“I went with my actor friend Esme DeCoster to see some folk tales at MOHAI.  The show was produced for Friends of Yesler Swamp by Art Feinglass.  Esme had been in shows with Jeremy January who added to his list of great roles by playing a troll with a purple wig, a wise Rabbi, and an Indian who teaches the people how to push up he sky.  It was too low and elk were bumping their antlers on it.  Playwright Chris Bailey Bailey was in the audience with his son Dillon (age 3) who was a bit frightened by Jeremy’s troll. One really needed to be five to fully understand these stories. John Ruoff read the tales and others in the excellent cast were Emily Fairbrook, Fox Mathews, and Rachel Ross.  There was also a bear that didn’t get program credit.

Whenever people gather it’s showbusiness and a story.  I’ve watched the Storm this year set a record for basketball games won by one point.  They are undefeated on home court.  When the game is on the line, the starting five have a slow gunfighter’s walk as they move onto the court.  “Gunfight at the OK Corral” and “High Noon” move over.  This isn’t Burt Lancaser and Kirk Douglas, this is LJ, Sue Bird, Camille Little, Tanesha Wright and Swin Cash.  A video on the screen says it for them “Not in Our House.”  Last night the starting five sauntered onto the court with less than a minute to go and beat the LA Sparks by, what else, one point. It was their final home win. Don’t miss the playoffs. The the shooting starts August 25th at Key Arena.”

–  Jorj

Photo by Carl Nelson

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2 Responses to “Plays and Such with Jorj Savage”

  1. Emily Fairbrook Says:

    This is Emily Fairbrook. The Bear was played by my husband, Brad Shuel. Thanks for writing this little piece about our show! I’ll be returning to MOHAI in a few weeks with “Jack in the Beanstalk” put on by StoryBook Theater. This time, I’m playing Jack!

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