Plays and Such with Jorj Savage

Editor’s Note:  Jorj attends a lot of theater, and many shows twice.
Jorj Re-Visits the Little Red Studio


“Ron Richardson has a Good Story to Tell.

I often go to a play more than once.  Revisiting MY LIFE WITH THE LADY with my playwright friend Mari Salinas I was able to see the show through her eyes.  She is a desk manager at a hotel in Kent and has many tales of the hotel.  I wanted her to see LADY because she might create a similar show.  It was sold out and though she didn’t laugh or cry she enjoyed the stories.  She agreed with me that it needs to be more theatrical and yet it’s honesty, just as it is, was enough for us.  But with some live girls and maybe more stories acted out it could run ten years and go to Broadway.  It’s Seattle History, it provides insights into the adult sex industry, and all by someone who was there for 5 years.  Richardson doesn’t have to make anything up.  There’s enough material for a trilogy of plays.  Co-author John Longenbaugh’s craft is apparent throughout the script.  The Little Red Studio on Dexter is the right home for this tryout.

 I still like to push SEX AT DAWN as a new book for anyone interested in questioning the way sex is perceived in the world today.       – Jorj”

Photo by Carl Nelson

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