Plays and Such with Jorj Savage

One Reason Jorj Stays In Shape Is Because the Really Good Shows Are Tough to Get Into

“DR. HORRIBLE (Sing-Along Blog) sold out at Balagan.

My childhood friend, Jim, from Alaska touches down in Seattle a couple times a year and I always get him to a play or two.  He had tonight (Monday August 20th) free but there seemed to be nothing either at Town Hall or the other talk venues or on stage.  But my friend Tara somehow discovered a special added performance of DR. HORRIBLE, pay-what-you will no reservations taken.  Jim and I were out front on Pike Street at 6:15 for the 8 pm show soon there was a line stretched out behind us.  Jim started talking with a woman named Jenn  who works as a stage mnanager around town and soon I was talking to her then he was.  The time passed pleasantly and she ended up siting between us in the front row.

The show was a hodge podge of romance, a superhero, songs, dance, satire, a pantomime of the homeless being fed at a soup line, a Asian woman making politically incorrect rant through a song.  The principles were Eric Ankrim as Dr. Horrible and co director.  Jake Groshong, Balagan director, played Captain Hammer his rival for the girl Penny played by Annie Jantzer.  Brain Lange was a farcical loner called moist.  He was always drenched in water.

It opens in a laundromat.  The dancing was precice and comic.  The singing in harmony, the lyrics some times sentimental sometimes comic.  One rousing song by Captain Hammer was about everyone can be a hero.  Butch Stevenson was Bad Horse.
The audience loved it.  It spoke to the new generation.  Anger at the world is expressed though fantasy and absurdity and yet with an underlying humanity.

So I got to see it and you probably can’t.  But what a city to have theater shows that sell out. When we went to The Elysian for a burger after I showed Jim the wall of posters and did my thing of pointing to various posters and saying I saw that one, that one we saw last night together, I saw that one. I missed the EAT MY SHORTS one acts at Open Circle but knew two playwright’s who had plays in the show and a couple directors and an actor as well. Tomorrow night I go to the Odd Duck and hear he WARP Haloween show line up of 15 minute plays read through so we can time them.    –  Jorj”

Photo by Carl Nelson

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