A Producer’s Diary with Will Chase

Editor’s Note:  We caught up with Will for a moment of his time.
To aspiring writers…

“Writers.  Each day (I shouldn’t say each day, as I”m a Seattle producer) I have a new script that is just “brilliant” and needs my resources for it to live out a long and prosperous life on the big screen, small screen, direct to dvd screen, or download.  It is really encouraging to know that everyone who wants to write a script thinks that it will “make it.” I want to send out a piece of advice: Write five scripts before you show them to anyone.  They all suck.  Believe me.  This is not my sole opinion.  I have been to more film making panels with more film making professionals on them in the last 3 years than I care to count.  And everytime I sit down, I wait and wait, until one of the producers or writers or directors on that panel gets the question, “I have a feature length script, my first, and I’d like to know the best way to get it produced.” Without fail, one of the panel members will bring up the “Gold Meter.”  Ernest Hemingway made this phrase famous when asked at what point in his career did he know that he was a good writer.  He replied (I’m paraphrasing) “Write four or five books then the junk will get flushed out.  Know your Gold Meter.”  If only more playwrites and screenwriters had the benefit of this knowledge, there would be far less flim flam flying around.  Of course, now it is not enough to just have a good screenplay;  you must have a business plan, a Facebook Fanpage, a team of lawyers and if you are really serious about writing, an agent.  I’m not trying to discourage anyone from writing the next Taxi Driver, or Memento, but stay realistic.  Those writers had been writing for quite some time before meeting with any type of success.  Plod on.  Write crap, but keep writing because like Hemingway said, the junk will flush out.  And keep sending me your scripts, as I am, after all, a masochist.  Cheers!”

                                                                    – Will
Photo by Carl Nelson

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