Work, work, work… with Rita Andreeva

Only by true humility you can reach the Cinderella upgrade.”

Rita Now Works for Rich People

“So, I am finally working on a real website for a real business. I can’t stop being amazed that only after a couple of quarters of Web Development at Seattle Central I got me a real live client! My classmates would probably strangle me based on a very primeval competition instinct. But then, they were always kidding me, calling me names, like,  “the over-achiever” and stuff. So I took 45 credits in two quarters, so I got all A’s, so? The point is?
Yeah, this new job is a lot of fun. I feel like I’m playing a part in a movie, with a genuine Mexican maid cleaning the house most of the day I was there today. I think I made friends with her, I said, “Como estas?” She said, “Bien.”
The design work is coming along great; I was able to type, listen, think, edit the website and upload the changes right on the spot, plus, at the beginning of the day my half of the desk was a complete mess, and, somehow, by the end of my shift, my half was empty, sparkling and gleaming with organization. I didn’t even notice how I must have very subconsciously moved things around in between so that it looked the way it did by the time I left. Can’t take credit for it; must have been an inborn female ability to multitask – my hands were moving on their own to bring order to the disorder.

I think my client was pleased. Maybe I have a talent, maybe I was just wasting my time with losers before, and my true destiny will be revealed by getting to know rich people?

Now, smart rich people are pretty cool and aren’t stuck up at all. Of course, I did have a bit of a hard time getting my calls returned and emails answered for the first couple of weeks, but, that’s understandable: smart rich people are very busy and are constantly bothered by poor people to give them work or buy something. They have to be on their guard. But once you’re in, when you have shown your indifference to monetary pursuits and your quick wit and education, they become very easy-going, even friendly, you might say, and appreciative, and offer to pay you for the work you’ve done so far, which offer, of course, you must brush off as not at all important, because, you see, I got burned on that in my previous job wanting a raise too upfront for good taste, so I got fired, so this time I’m all understanding, and I brush off the subject of money as a lady of good breeding should. Only by true humility you can reach the Cinderella upgrade. Your boss wants to pay you, you politely decline, for now, wave it off as a bother, that is beneath you and thee, because, surely, every intelligent human being on this planet knows that “money can’t buy happiness”, and I can spring on a very large bottle of Burgundy after the day is over for $10 at QFC without seriously impairing my wallet, but being plenty happy.”         –  Rita

Photo by Carl Nelson 

P. S.  “Ok, I’m not going to make fun of you. But here’s an actual email I got from my client:
“And by the way, make sure you count your time when you work on this.” And my actual response was, “Really? I thought that was just fun.”
People just don’t get it. They think being an artist/designer/filmmaker is pretty much like wearing Prada instead of a Walmart brand. An advice for a beginner: people think that you love what you do so much, that money grows on trees just for you. Do not disappoint them.”

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