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Sex in Seattle

September 21, 2010
Editor’s Note:  What keeps a show playing to excited young audiences for 10 years?  What keeps civilizations bubbling for several centuries?  The Editor found his way to the Hugo House to file this report.

You Won't Find Anyone Napping In Episode #18

(This recorded interview with creators and cast is being prepared.  Check back to hear it in its entirety… only here on the Seattle Celebrity News!)

From the Editor’s Perch

September 14, 2010

Diagram: 1a

How to Be a Genius!

Creative individuals (e.g. artists) are often pressed by the need to be a GENIUS.  To do this, they need a GENIUS idea.  But, as you can see from the Diagram (1a) above, for most of us, it is simply too big a leap from our paltry notion to a truly genius idea!  What to do?

Baby steps.  We simply start with the best idea we can come up with.  Some of these ideas may lead nowhere (points K, B, H, J, E).  But some of these ideas (which fall within the blue bounding box: points C, F, G, D, L & A) can put us within target range.  And from target range we need just one more normal sized idea – and we’ve struck pay dirt! 

Talent is nice, (when it comes to becoming a GENIUS).  But as you can see from the diagram, nothing beats getting started.  (Or, just “showing up”, as Woody Allen says.)  First you must create a bunch of normal ideas. 

The other thing you must have is faith.  Without the faith that one of your ‘normal’ ideas will eventually lead you to a GENIUS idea, you will stop showing up – breaking Cardinal Rule # 1 – and experience…. failure.  This is absolutely true. 

All of which makes me think that artists are more beholden to religions than as just our historical patrons.  Artists also suffer this necessity of faith.  Artists and religious figures suffer together – appearing as fools (and worse) until some breakthrough is finally had: the miracle occurs, the work of genius is finally created.

So say “Hi!” to your local minister/rabbi/imam/priest…. and shake their hand.  They are our Brothers and Sisters in the Struggle.

Diagram by Carl Nelson

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Work, work, work… with Rita Andreeva

September 12, 2010

This Is What I Think

 “I was just talking to a friend – a very talented actor and a musician – he had to get real sick and get SSI to be able to do what he loves.

I want you to post this:

If you are a beginner artist get this one thing: you do not have to feel guilty for being paid to do what you love and asking for it. You don’t need to be like, “Oh, I just spent all night editing a film, so now I have to get to work at Ramada Inn…” No!  Being an artist can be as hard as accepting an expensive gift, I understand. That’s the problem for most artists; they never make it, because they feel guilty for being so unlike everyone else and actually enjoying their work. Screw that, I mean, not enjoyment, but the guilt thing. Might as well apologize to your cat for being born on top of the food chain!
Hello, a fellow artist! The first thing you’re going to do today is enjoy your fucking day and the second thing – you’re going to ask some asshole to pay for it. It’s that simple.
Being an artist means being comfortable asking people for money. Like Andy Warhall.”   🙂                    – Rita

Photo by Carl Nelson

Plays and Such with Jorj Savage

September 11, 2010
Editor’s Note:  The Seattle Celebrity News! hopes to crack this cloistered group in the near future.  Stay tuned!

Jorj Takes Another Look at Sex In Seattle

Sex in Seattle!

 (hint:  It’s hot!)

Sex-in-Seattle – Episode 18 opens tomorrow.  My playwright friend Scot and I saw the dress/preview tonight 9/9/10) at Richard Hugo House.  If you have never heard of SIS it’s a continuing comic soap opera written by Kathy Hsieh in which twenty somethings date, mate, and misbehave and try to find true love.

In this episode Jenna is pregnant but the father could be Adam…or Nathan…or even Colin. They all want to marry her.  But Colin lives with Tess who makes a play for Nathan while Elizabeth who loves George but doesn’t know it is romanced by her estranged millionare husand Harold and by Nathan also.  Chloe, played by Miko Premo, ends up with George who loses his virginity.  The show is done with a stylized quick cut energy so that actors play out scenes in which they are not in the same room and these scenes are kind of in someone’s imagination.  The pace is fast and furious.  There is more than innuendo.  The character’s come right out and say it, especially Tess played by Leilani Berinobis.  “I want to get laid!” she shouts.

If you are twenty-something and you are dating someone and you want things to heat up then bring them to this show.  In one scene Elizabeh is talking with Nathan about his rabbit named BJ and she says she wants it to get bigger and so on and we know she’s really talking about something other than the rabbit.

I learned who the father of Jenna’s baby is but I’ve been asked not to tell.


Photo by Carl Nelson

From the Editor’s Perch

September 9, 2010
This little chip may be smarter than you!


Hi – Tech Food – An Expose’!!!

The newest news is: scientists have found that junk food produces the same addictive behavior in rats as heroin does in humans.  (

“After just five days on the junk food diet, rats showed “profound reductions” in the sensitivity of their brains’ pleasure centers, suggesting that the animals quickly became habituated to the food. As a result, the rats ate more food to get the same amount of pleasure. Just as heroin addicts require more and more of the drug to feel good, rats needed more and more of the junk food. “They lose control,” Kenny says. “This is the hallmark of addiction.” 

It’s just as they say!   “DORITOS® brand tortilla chips deliver a powerful crunch that unlocks the bold and unique flavors you crave.”  (   

And as they add!  “The DORITOS® brand is constantly creating new ways to give you immersive and memorable experiences…”

 For example:  “In 1994 Pepsico announced that, following two years of market research conducted among 5,000 people, it would spend a further $50 million to reinvent its Doritos®-brand tortilla chipintensifying the flavor on the surface, rounding the chip’s corners, and redesigning the package.” (my emphasis)  


Photo by Carl Nelson



A Producer’s Diary with Will Chase

September 2, 2010
Editor’s Note:  We caught up with Will for a moment of his time.
To aspiring writers…

“Writers.  Each day (I shouldn’t say each day, as I”m a Seattle producer) I have a new script that is just “brilliant” and needs my resources for it to live out a long and prosperous life on the big screen, small screen, direct to dvd screen, or download.  It is really encouraging to know that everyone who wants to write a script thinks that it will “make it.” I want to send out a piece of advice: Write five scripts before you show them to anyone.  They all suck.  Believe me.  This is not my sole opinion.  I have been to more film making panels with more film making professionals on them in the last 3 years than I care to count.  And everytime I sit down, I wait and wait, until one of the producers or writers or directors on that panel gets the question, “I have a feature length script, my first, and I’d like to know the best way to get it produced.” Without fail, one of the panel members will bring up the “Gold Meter.”  Ernest Hemingway made this phrase famous when asked at what point in his career did he know that he was a good writer.  He replied (I’m paraphrasing) “Write four or five books then the junk will get flushed out.  Know your Gold Meter.”  If only more playwrites and screenwriters had the benefit of this knowledge, there would be far less flim flam flying around.  Of course, now it is not enough to just have a good screenplay;  you must have a business plan, a Facebook Fanpage, a team of lawyers and if you are really serious about writing, an agent.  I’m not trying to discourage anyone from writing the next Taxi Driver, or Memento, but stay realistic.  Those writers had been writing for quite some time before meeting with any type of success.  Plod on.  Write crap, but keep writing because like Hemingway said, the junk will flush out.  And keep sending me your scripts, as I am, after all, a masochist.  Cheers!”

                                                                    – Will
Photo by Carl Nelson

Work, work, work… with Rita Andreeva

September 2, 2010

Only by true humility you can reach the Cinderella upgrade.”

Rita Now Works for Rich People

“So, I am finally working on a real website for a real business. I can’t stop being amazed that only after a couple of quarters of Web Development at Seattle Central I got me a real live client! My classmates would probably strangle me based on a very primeval competition instinct. But then, they were always kidding me, calling me names, like,  “the over-achiever” and stuff. So I took 45 credits in two quarters, so I got all A’s, so? The point is?
Yeah, this new job is a lot of fun. I feel like I’m playing a part in a movie, with a genuine Mexican maid cleaning the house most of the day I was there today. I think I made friends with her, I said, “Como estas?” She said, “Bien.”
The design work is coming along great; I was able to type, listen, think, edit the website and upload the changes right on the spot, plus, at the beginning of the day my half of the desk was a complete mess, and, somehow, by the end of my shift, my half was empty, sparkling and gleaming with organization. I didn’t even notice how I must have very subconsciously moved things around in between so that it looked the way it did by the time I left. Can’t take credit for it; must have been an inborn female ability to multitask – my hands were moving on their own to bring order to the disorder.

I think my client was pleased. Maybe I have a talent, maybe I was just wasting my time with losers before, and my true destiny will be revealed by getting to know rich people?

Now, smart rich people are pretty cool and aren’t stuck up at all. Of course, I did have a bit of a hard time getting my calls returned and emails answered for the first couple of weeks, but, that’s understandable: smart rich people are very busy and are constantly bothered by poor people to give them work or buy something. They have to be on their guard. But once you’re in, when you have shown your indifference to monetary pursuits and your quick wit and education, they become very easy-going, even friendly, you might say, and appreciative, and offer to pay you for the work you’ve done so far, which offer, of course, you must brush off as not at all important, because, you see, I got burned on that in my previous job wanting a raise too upfront for good taste, so I got fired, so this time I’m all understanding, and I brush off the subject of money as a lady of good breeding should. Only by true humility you can reach the Cinderella upgrade. Your boss wants to pay you, you politely decline, for now, wave it off as a bother, that is beneath you and thee, because, surely, every intelligent human being on this planet knows that “money can’t buy happiness”, and I can spring on a very large bottle of Burgundy after the day is over for $10 at QFC without seriously impairing my wallet, but being plenty happy.”         –  Rita

Photo by Carl Nelson 

P. S.  “Ok, I’m not going to make fun of you. But here’s an actual email I got from my client:
“And by the way, make sure you count your time when you work on this.” And my actual response was, “Really? I thought that was just fun.”
People just don’t get it. They think being an artist/designer/filmmaker is pretty much like wearing Prada instead of a Walmart brand. An advice for a beginner: people think that you love what you do so much, that money grows on trees just for you. Do not disappoint them.”

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