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Playwright Pulls Play – Dumps Seattle Actors!





Playwright Miryam Gordon pulled her play, Kiss the Girls Goodbye, Monday night from the upcoming line-up of short plays featured in The Seattle Playwrights’ Collective Page to Stage/Short Play Festival which opens this Friday evening at TPS4 in the Seattle Centerhouse.  After several weeks of rehearsal, Miryam together with Artistic Director Daniel Tarker decided to pull the plug after seeing its most recent performance at a ‘dry tech rehearsal’ Monday evening.  Miryam was reportedly upset because the actors had fumbled their lines, getting lost or repeating themselves at times.  Artistic Director Daniel Tarker characterized the performance as “lumpy”.    

😦 !



Director Bill Selig summarized with this comment made by e mail:   “No comment.” 

 Reached at his summer home in Carnation, actor Carl Nelson said, “When they dump a play, it’s always for reasons of production levels… quality of production.  It’s blamed on bungled lines, or the fact that we went over a couple pages of the script a couple times.  Big deal!  It only clarified what was basically a pretty ugly stew of unsatisfied sexual desire.  I don’t mind being kissed on stage, but I’ve got to say, it  felt pretty alone out there.  It was pretty quiet.  But, …if the audience had applauded loudly, trust me, our production readiness would have been found to be – if not, just fine – at least adequate.  And the theater would have accepted this play with open arms.”

Carl Nelson (KILLER) Is Firing Back at Scot Bastian (SARGE) in this 'dry-run' and only run of the play "Kiss the Girls Goodbye"

Finally, the Seattle Celebrity News will have to paraphrase what Scot Bastian had to say, as I’ve lost my notes.  But basically Scot had to say:

Look!  I played him as an angry guy, because that’s basically as he is written.  So did I yell and scream a lot?  Well, sure!  Maybe it’s not a comedy.  Maybe there’s nothing here to laugh about.  Anyway, I’ve still got my cat.

Photos by Carl Nelson (except the one of Carl Nelson/Scot Bastian which is by Ellen Covey)


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3 Responses to “Seattle Celebrity News!”

  1. Miryam Gordon Says:


  2. dangblog Says:

    This blog post kept me on the edge of my seat for several minutes. I give it a big thumbs up. It’s “reality” theater. Theater of theater. It’s so dang “meta” that I can’t stop reeling from the impact. Layers of meaning keep unfolding in my head. It goes on and on. This is the future of “theater” theater. I’ve gotta sign off and go dream about this.

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