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Headquarters of the Seattle Celebrity News! Yesterday

Since our last posting hit the digital Universe, our e mail account has been lighting up.  For those of you who have been following this, yesterday’s account of the flap during a recent ‘dry tech’ rehearsal of the upcoming Play to Stage Short Play Festival has been altered to protect some of those who would rather not be drifting about  in this particular current of theatrical history.  But otherwise, we’ve left the post stand.  Even as fawning an institution as the Seattle Celebrity News! is required to have some backbone at times – if not for ourselves, then for our Dear Readers. 

Our favorite comment, so far, has come from the playwright herself, who responded: “AWK!” 

We certainly would wish that all of our readers do not take whatever we have said as disparaging of the upcoming event itself.  In fact, we ENCOURAGE you to attend this, and any other, theatrical event – and see what you think!  Our fervent hope is that you will flood the theater!  (Not that the theater will flood.  🙂  )  To find all the times and costs of performance, please visit:

Photo by Carl Nelson


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