Work, work, work… with Rita Andreeva

Editor’s Note:  Rita continues to vent.  I can’t stop it.

Geek Emerging

 “Looking for work I came across an ad for an IT commercial. The ad said: “5 good looking, height-weight proportionate people: 2 men and 3 women between 25 and 35 y.o. to sit in front of laptops and look intelligent. Pay $100/hr.” I am so sick of commercials making a ridiculous standardized fairy tale out life! So I sent them a reply:   “Just thought I’d point out that most IT professionals are not at all attractive or height-weight proportionate, and the age range is spread from 18 to about 60 pretty evenly, and out of 5 people only one would be a woman, it would never be 3 women 2 men ratio. Get five geeky fat slobs, feet clad in torn sneakers up on the tables, unwashed baggy jeans showing the butt cracks, throw pop cans around and empty Frito bags, pizza boxes, a week-old sandwich and leftover cake from a birthday party, get some flies buzzing around, a dog that keeps scratching and licking itself with relish, some heavy metal glaring in the background – now that would be a correct representation of IT professionals”         –  Rita

Photo (taken completely out of context) by Carl Nelson

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