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Celebrity AlertFormer Seattle Police Chief  Norm Stamper stars in this transplant from Orcas Island. 

Brilliant Traces

“”BRILLIANT TRACES at Richard Hugo House remaining performaces October 29 and 30 and Novemberf 5,6 and 7 8:00 pm.  This is a Dramatists Play Service Catalogue play by Cindy Lou Johnson that was produced on Orcus Island and the production has been moved for a three weekend run at Richard Hugo House.  The two character play, with former Seattle Police Chief Norm Stamper as a old Alaska recluse who is visted by a runaway bride from Arizona is good community theater.  Very different from the usual Capitol Hill edgy fare.  It’s an actors vehicle and Chief Stamper and Melinda Milligan have it down.  She’s freaked out and he’s trying to get away from all people but they are forced into a romantic situation in his remote cabin.  He looks fit and lean and she is blonde and wild and the set up makes for engaging interplay. Since I’m trying to write my first two character play it was a good one for me to see.”  –   Jorj 10/25/10

Photo by Carl Nelson

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