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Ghosts Love Hamlet

HAMLET at the Center House

“Last night 10/26/10 I saw the first prevue of HAMLET at Center House free because of Art’s Crush free week.  Directed by John Langs and starring Darragh Kennan it runs nearly 3 1/2 hours with one intermission.  A subdued Charles Leggit has multiple roles including the ghost of Hamlet’s father.  The production has a Scandinavian quality which is good because the play is set in Denmark.  The bare walls set, with a interesting walls to look it, is vaguely reminicent of the time of kings.  There is much use of a knife and sword and a climactic sword fight between Hamelt and Laertes but various modern elements get into the show, some suitcases on a cart, high heels, a colt 45.  The suggestion is that the story is timeless.

The show stalls a little in the second act when Hamlet is off stage but I liked that all the lines were delivered so I could hear them.  So many phrases and book titles and comparing Denmark to rotten fruit are there to revisit.

Darragh Kennan is centered and kind of a Holden Caufield Hamlet.  He sees corruption and so rejects the whole society he’s part of.  He plays at being  mad, then when he kills David Plichette (Polonius) things spin out of control.  There are 15 actors, many in multiple roles.  Seattle Shakespere Company has gone all out.

There were many teachers in attendance who planned to study the play in their classes and then bring them to the show.

My college friend Jim Missey was fond of quoting an old professor as saying: “We do not like to see our author produced, least of all Hamlet.”  The text alone is more than any production but I love seeing it.  I saw Stacy Keach do it once.   –  Jorj  10/27/10″

Photo by Carl Nelson

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