Work, work, work… with Rita Andreeva

Editor’s Note:  Our Artist Hero reflects on the pros and cons of  ‘near-room’ rental.

Thoughtful Place

 More About My Roomate W…

“It became obvious very quickly that W. will say “yes, yes” to everything, but then make sure to avoid the subject and myself with it.
A couple of days ago he bragged about all those famous people he shook hands with. I asked him if he’d mind reading some of my scripts, so he said, “sure, no problem, I’m off Monday, I’ll read them then.” The next evening I made a mistake of showing him a couple of plays from the Revenge of Fun Forest show. I picked the best two. He appeared thoroughly bored and barely suffered through one and a half plays. The next day he showed up at 2 am. As soon as he saw I was still up, he announced, “I’m going out to play some cards with theater friends. Be back in an hour,” and took off like a road-runner. Needless to say, he never came back. On Monday he sent me a text, “I’m at the theater, had to work.”
Oh well, so much for trying to get help from someone with connections.
I’m not even a small fish to him – I’m like plankton.
Whatever, at least I got some money out of the deal.
Just another person for the Rant’n Roll website – my idea of a website where helpless little people like myself can expose to the world all the selfish, self-centered, conceited, indifferent pricks that just happen to have a few bucks and a good job at the moment and treat all the non-famous people like crap.”  –  Rita

Photo by Carl Nelson

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