Seattle Celebrity News!

Editor’s Note:  Due to WordPress programming problems I’m a little backed up on the events.  Coming up is the Comedy Workshop, A/V The Movie Premiere and the Elvis Invitational at the Motor, with actual recorded interviews of the ‘Elvi’ (re-incarnated and re-constituted).  And you will be able to vote for your favorite!  (Plus interviews of your garden variety Elvi on the street for baseline measurement.)   We’ve got some great ones! in the can.

!(:   Comedy Workshop at the Odd Duck   :)!

My co-worker said all Gays wear tight pants.


 It says ‘workshop’, but that is only in the sense that comedians are always working on their routines.  (Have you ever tried to have sex with one?)  Anyway, Rik Deskin, (who I have a waiting interview with to post), the Artistic Director of the Eclectic Theater (which operates out of the Odd Duck… are you taking notes?) thought that StandUp Comedy was a natural addition to the theater schedule – so he’s

"I wear tight pants," I said.

added this.  It happens at 8pm on Thursdays and at noon (lunchtime) on Fridays.  For only 5 bucks!

Sound good?  I thought so.  So I made my way to Capital Hill (where the Odd Duck is… still taking notes?) and caught up with Rik and several comedians this past Thursday.  They have a hard liquor license and sell mixed drinks at prices comparable to the bars around.  So, really, why drink alone?  The comedians are likeable people who talk about their foibles (probably the same kind you have).  What better way to meet a nice crowd and get sloshed – while staying on budget?

Here’s what happend this past Thursday:

Wilfred Padua did a bit about how hard it can be to change a pre-conceived opinion:

"You're Gay," he said.

Photos by Carl Nelson

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