Work, work, work… with Rita Andreeva

Elbow Grease!

Editor’s Note:  Rita bounces back from the Holidays.


“Do I have fans? Are you shitting me?

Well, firstly, it’s been very cold, and when it is cold I hibernate especially much (I hibernate when it is too hot, also, and, definitely, when it is just right).
But I have been working on a book: a sci-fi-fantasy book for ages 13 and up. I expect it to be a hit like Harry Potter.

Also I have been remodeling: I found some nice cardboard boxes in the garbage and made panels out of them on which to hang some art. See attached. This enabled me to make the Nearroom even prettier. The Nearroom is almost a room which I made by separating a part of living room by bookshelves. See attached. Hey, perhaps some of my fans would like to rent a cheap nearroom? Only $300/mo. Utilities included.

Perhaps some of my fans would like me to help them make a 2-bedroom apt from a 1-bedroom apt absolutely free except for my design fee? (What I meant by free is that the materials can all be obtained for free from dumpsters). Just think: make a little room in the corner of your living room and charge easily $275/month to someone to sleep there. A mattress and other furnishings can also come from dumpsters and Free section of Craigslist. If you can find a free bunk-bed you can get two poor students for $250 ea.

Also I have been selling things. I sold two tables for $20 each and currently trying to sell a small used keyboard, used skis, used books, and other used stuff. Plus a couple of original works of art I framed in real decent frames from thriftstores. Any fans want art for walls? See attached.

I think I’ll give up partying for a while, my beanbag still smells like stale beer or piss or both…”  – Rita

Photos by Rita Andreeva

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