Plays and Such With Jorj Savage

Jason & Medea

Jorj Also Saw the Play and Reports

“A group of us from SPS saw Theatre 9/12’s production of Babs Lindsey’s ‘Jason and Medea’ at Trinity Parish Church on 8th between Cherry and James.  This equity waver (pay what you can) show runs weekends through February 12th.  Boy meets scorceress, scoresses saves boy by cutting up her brother, boy gets scorceress pregant and they have 2 children together then he leaves her for a princess, sorcersss kills children all in 90 minutes.  It’s a play within a play and a story within a story and lots of laughs, angst and a good all around telling of the mythical tale. It’s the one with a golden fleece, remember?”   – Jorj

Photo by Carl Nelson

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