Plays and Such with Jorj Savage

Babs the Dodo at the Washington Ensemble Theatre

A Good Critic Will Focus and Not Miss a Thing

BABS THE DODO by  Michael Mitnick is playing at the 60 seat Washington Ensemble Theatre on 19th a couple blocks South of Aloha in the middle of nowhere.   Babs starts off the show by giving a bad sales pitch for an angel pendant.  It’s suppose to be bad.  She’s 50 and not selling and her boss, Jocelyn, a tall svelt husky voiced wisecraking cynic wants to fire her.  She dates a guy named Raymond who is into birds.  Jocelyn goes on a date with Raymond also.  Many whacky things happen like Babs peeling the skin off her arm with a peeler and growing feathers. There are some very funny lines and bits and though absurdist the 4 actors create real chacaters.  One line I remember is: “I thought a comet killed all he dodos.”  The director, Elise Hunt, has been cast in Jerry Mannings upcoming OF MICE AND MEN this spring.  For more info go to  BABS THE DODO just opened and runs through March 14th.” –  Jorj

Photo by Carl Nelson

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