From the Editor’s Perch

Patrick Pelham is Travelling the World Filming Arists

Filmmaker Encounter

While my wife and I and friends were on Orcas Island for the Kindlings Muse Winterfest, we met Patrick Pelham/Filmaker.  After receiving his advanced degree in filming he has been travelling across the globe, on the cheap, creating short documentaries of artists he has decided to investigate.  He has a very nice website at:  Visit with a screenwriter who lives in the last castle on the northernmost tip of Scotland.  Or, for a sunnier look, visit a cellist in Barcelona, or many other interesting folks.  The world is a click away.

Photo by Carl Nelson

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4 Responses to “From the Editor’s Perch”

  1. VenetianBlond Says:

    What a find. I had a lot of fun clicking around his site. Thanks for pointing it out.

  2. Patrick Pelham Says:

    greetings from British Columbia! What a pleasant surprise to find this during one of my rare internet cameos of the last couple months. Since we last saw each other I have been on Bowen Island with no internet or cell phone signal.
    Anyway, thanks for the plug, and hope you guys are doing well. I may be back down in Seattle in a few weeks, so hope we can connect in person again.
    All the best,

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