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Local Actor Faces Collapse


"I'm sorry. What?" (Machelle Allman in "My Fair Lady")

Local actor Machelle Allman is facing collapse from exhaustion, sources say.  She was cast in a 10 minute play (which she also wrote) for Freehold’s Studio Series beginning March 11.  This also happened to be the exact same time of year as the V-Day shows, in which she has performed the last 4 years to raise money for victims of sexual violence. 

When asked her strategies for rehearsing 3 shows at the same time, she responded, “I’m sorry, what?  I must have drifted off for a moment.”

Given that many journeyman actors in the local area cobble together many jobs to stay current in the scene, Machelle’s situation is not terribly unusual.  In addition to the three stage shows, she is also auditioning for commercial and film work.  States Machelle, “Do me a favor—tell me what day it is so I know which casting director to show up for…”

Photo Courtesy of Machelle Allman Archives

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