Work, work, work… with Rita Andreeva

Editor:  There are all sorts of venues out there where an impoverished artist can employee their abilities, possibly to a little acclaim… possibly for a little money!  Our Rita has been sniffing these out… currently in the World of Advertising.

Our Woman in the Grey Flannel Suit


Artists Encountering the Business World Often Need Corrective Lenses.

“I just finished making animated commercial (I’m learning animation now, the hell with people and their baggage), please vote on it tonight and tomorrow before 4pm PST: 

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“When I first read the Brief I had more questions than answers, so I went to the client’s website and read everything there. I had no idea as of this morning how I would begin to make this commercial. I wrote down the main points and then walked away, made some coffee, baked a pie, then came back, determined to convey a message.
The main thing that frustrated me in the whole campaign was that there were too many technical terms and I couldn’t figure out why I would care. So I read everything again and decided that I was going to do something to address the issue of not being sure of what mattered to me as as a business person.
My video, hopefully, addresses that issue.

Ok, now, the challenge of making a commercial for me is first understanding, and second is thinking about how to reach people. So my take on this is why some people wouldn’t be reached. What is it? I am talking about people who have a business, but don’t want to bother with things too complex. My idea is: explain things in simple English. Most business people are afraid to try something new because they are worried about their jobs, so the first thing I did was to make a positive impression, never allowing negative thinking, such as an image that shows reducing the number of people in no way shape or form.
A smart businessman knows that nothing in a commercial should ever show downsizing, because it scares people.
That’s why I have the first intro showing growth.
I hope it is subtle and to a point.

Yes, I can see little problems in my animation:
Timing here and there, a bit of left over shading or frame a bit past where it should be.
I tell you: when I learn stuff I am a perfectionist, and turning in this video is a bit painful, because it’s due today, and I was hanging out with Eva and Cam, and didn’t get to work on it until about 2pm. So this cartoon took me from about 2pm to 11pm from start to finish, including the search for the perfect free background music and figuring out how to incorporate it into a Flash cartoon, as well as recording the voice (my voice) and changing it to 2 different voices so I had a conversation going.

Ooops, I guess I messed up a little bit – the screen doesn’t exactly fit. Well, I’m very new at this, this is like my second animation I did with Flash. Don’t hold it against me – I can fix the size. I just wasn’t sure about the proportions. I’m still not sure. It’s like I’m a bit too wide, like maybe 30 pixels or so. I can fix that if needed. I used the standard Micromedia Flash size 550 × 400. Anyway, you if you happen to be someone seriously interested in what I’m doing, then I can change stuff pretty easily, like in a couple of minutes.
I chose animation for 2 reasons: 1 – couldn’t get real people fast enough, and 2 – my camera is not HD, so it looks like crap. Oh, and the 3rd reason – I am considering making a full-length animation for the script I wrote because I can do it all by my lonesome self. Now that I learned a lot about how to take my drawing skills to the computer and how to make lots of layers to make things move I am still in love with the actual acting, but, not having the resources, I decided I was going to lean toward interpretation of emotion by drawing. It is still acting, because when I draw a face, I take my time to feel the emotion and sometimes I even resort to looking in the mirror to see how I would feel if I were that character. So when I draw, I try to convey the emotion that I see in the mirror.”

– Rita

Photo by Carl Nelson

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