A Poet’s Lives with Lyn Coffin

Editor:  After our Poet’s Love Flame-Out of a few weeks previous, (read about this in an upcoming post), this Poetic Cat has landed on her feet, again.

Poet Re-Locates to Republic of Georgia

Lyn Prepares to Use the Local Produce

“I’m in Georgia, the country, sitting in my wonderful two-balconied flat, using my new Macbook to work on translating a 12 century Georgian epic from 16 syllable line quatrains rhymed a a a a into English. I’m loving the challenge. Tomorrow I discover what I’m going to be teaching, when, and where. The US seems far away. Wait- it is far away. A 12 hour time difference, I think.”  – Lyn (snatched from Facebook)

Photo by Carl Nelson

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