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Editor’s Note:  One of the rehearsals mentioned below was for Freehold’s Studio Series.  A 10 minute play Machelle wrote, “Walking Away” goes up this weekend.  She’s also acting in it.  Here’s a link:
Machelle Allman Lets Off a Little Steam for Our Photographer

The Theater Ate My Weekend!

Machelle knew that Sunday was going to be busy. She had 3 (count ’em) rehearsals scheduled for that day, when on Saturday morning she got the call. And email. And another call. Her agent had the good news that she had been booked for a commercial on Tuesday.
According to Machelle, “That’s awesome! Except I said that I had availability on MONDAY.”
Reports indicate that her Saturday was spent on the phone with her day job getting her work schedule rearranged. She managed a trip to the grocery to get some food in the hope that there would be time for consuming it on Sunday.  The Seattle Celebrity News! checked in with Machelle during a break in her second rehearsal for the day when she stated, “So far so good! I’ve had coffee!” Regarding her family, she responded, “Oh yeah, them. I did get a text earlier this morning…”
At the end of her 12 hours of rehearsal, we contacted her to see how it all went.  (see photo above)  We are still trying to piece together the garbled language to determine what she actually meant to say.

Photo by Carl Nelson

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