Seattle Celebrity News!

Local Celebrities are Teaming Together to “Buy Rita a Beer!”

Local Relief Effort Launched 

Editor of the Seattle Celebrity News!, Carl Nelson, said today that the tabloid was “wholely behind his star artist correspondent, Rita Andreeva’s, attempts to stay in her apartment”, and further, that he would “bring all the resources of the Seattle Celebrity News! to bear on the problem in efforts to assist her”.  In fact, he has apparently already canvassed the Seattle Celebrities! large network of local artists to this end.  After heated discussions – and lots of photo-ops of local stars tramping in and out with dogs and kids, new lovers and personal trainers –  he admitted finally, late this afternoon outside of the Cafe Vita on Capital Hill, that “whereas we may not be able to save Rita financially – at least we can get her inebriated.”  And to this end he announced the launch of the “Buy Rita a Beer!” Project.  “We’re hoping that all of her fans will join together to make this a great success,” he said.  He also noted that getting drunk when you are broke is a time-honored artistic tradition.  “And with our readers help we can keep this tradition – and maybe even Rita – alive,” he added, on a more upbeat note.

To make your contribution, go to PayPal and use Rita’s email address:  

Photo by Carl Nelson

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2 Responses to “Seattle Celebrity News!”

  1. Galaxian Says:

    I still must confess to not liking the use of the named causes of “homelessness” and “poverty” to solicit funds for a personal friend. Best of luck for your friend, but you will offput many and only attract people who already know her.

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