Work, work, work… with Rita Andreeva

Editor’s Note:  What would the Artist’s Life be without the ‘Wolf at the Door’?  Will Rita ever find out?  Right now, it doesn’t look so good.

Circumstances Continue to Close In on our Heroine

“The dreaded day came last month – the day when my unemployment finally completely ran out. It seemed so far away, and sometimes it seemed like it would never happen, that there would be another and another emergency unemployment fund, but from all the correspondence I received last fall it was becoming clearly inevitable.
I frantically started saving money last fall by not buying any groceries and not spending any money on transportation (I gave up on clothes two years ago). You might wonder how to not spend any money on food and transportation, well, I’ll happily tell you: There are a couple of food banks in the area that provide enough food to sustain you. In case you’re broke, and too embarrassed to ask, their times of business and addresses are:
NW Harvest, 711 Cherry St.: Mon, Wed, Fri: 9am to 5pm
St. Mary’s: 611 20th Ave.: Tues & Thur: 10am to 1pm
and you can find many more in your immediate area on Google.
Unfortunately it’s mostly bagels, bread and potatoes. So I put on a couple of pounds as a result. Bummer. Oh, well.
As far as bus fair goes: I have been saving bus transfers for almost two years and by now have almost all possible combinations of colors and letters, so I’m praying that Metro doesn’t start adding new letters and colors. I tried scanning the transfers and printing them, but the printer does not do those exact colors, and Kinkos doesn’t sell that sort of paper or anything close, so if Metro decides to add new combinations I’m in deep doo-doo. But for now it works great: I have a small pale-green plastic file in my bag where I have bus transfers by colors and alphabetic order. At the beginning of each day I have a choice – I can either take a bus going the wrong way, since it is pay-as-you-leave going from downtown, and then find the right transfer and get off and go where I need to go, or I can walk to downtown, which takes me about 20-25 min and from there I can board any bus and look at the transfers, so I know which it is that day.
I started doing Freelance Medical Interpreting for Universal Language Service, and I get anywhere 2 to 5 interpreting appointments a week. I did $400 worth of interpreting last month, but the agency takes about 60 to 90 days to pay. I also do contract web design for  They don’t have much work for me, and it is very sporadic. I earned $300 in February from WeSprout, which I haven’t got either, yet. And $35 for doing online surveys and what-not. Overall, I made $735 last month, which I don’t’ have yet, plus $220 on the first for renting the nearroom adding up to $935. My rent is $660, phone, internet and electric add up to $160 and Basic Health plan is $60, which all totals $880, leaving me whole $55 for coffee and miscellaneous, at some point. You might say, “Why do I want to know this?” You’re right, you don’t. I’m just saying, you know, just saying… In case you happen to enjoy facts and details.” – Rita

Photo by Carl Nelson

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