Work, work, work… with Rita Andreeva

Spring is Here!

Rita Celebrates "Earth Hour"


Yesterday at 8:30 pm was Earth Hour. Eva texted me and told me to turn off all the power. I wasn’t going to do that, so instead I went for a long walk in the neighborhood while it was still light. First I found a bag of oranges on the street, half smashed by a car. I shook out the contents, and two huge oranges in the end were completely undamaged. So I grabbed them and continued my walk. The next thing I came upon was a large plastic flowerpot sitting by the curb. I grabbed that too. The pot underneath the dirt was just the right shade of blue to match the mess in my apartment, and a very nice size: a foot tall by a foot wide. My next stop was a pile of earth in one of those wooden sidewalk garden thingy’s. I filled up the pot. Then I took my spoils home and planted cilantro, dill and spinach in that pot. And I ate one of the oranges.” – Rita

Photo/Watercolor by Rita Andreeva

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