From the Editor’s Perch

Schn00dle’s Blog Now Offers Thai Food

Our New Thai Cook

Our Editor and Wife have recently returned from Thailand with a Thai Cook, who is now installed at the headquarters of Schn00dle’s Blog in Western Washington.  Recent breakfast menu was Phad Thai, Green Curry, Fried Rice, Coffee and Orange Juice.  When asked about the quality of food he produced the Cook was quoted as saying, “Yum, yum!  Very good!!!”  Our whole staff here is very excited.

Photo by Carl Nelson


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3 Responses to “From the Editor’s Perch”

  1. Indrid Cold Says:

    You’re back! And they let you bring the little bugger with you! We’ll have to introduce him to Eggs Benedict.

  2. schn00dles Says:

    Indeed! Must have breakfast together soon.

  3. desperately seeking anything « Dangblog Says:

    […] with Esme, the very talented 10-year-old actor, and had an opportunity to meet Schn00dle’s newly adopted son (he’s from Thailand). Seemed like a nice, smart, […]

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