Work, work, work… with Rita Andreeva

Rita in the Forest


“After work I used to drive to the mountains past North Bend. I had a favorite spot there. That was before they made a rule that you can’t go there.
There was a spot in the mountains that I went to every day it was clear. I sat there and looked at the sky. 
I made friends with a couple of cougars that lived there. After a while they let me know they were there and that they wouldn’t hurt me. So I would come there and say Hi to the cougars and look at the sky. The couple of cougars sat on a ledge about 10-20 feet up. The first time I saw them I got very scared, but then I kept coming back, I don’t know why, and we reached an understanding: the cougars were my friends, it was like back in time when I was a kid. I feel like I am still a kid.”


"Some time later I was resting in the woods. I looked up and saw a man, he was very pale with very dark hair, he just appeared among the trees."

“I would walk down a path. I’d come to a canyon and follow the side. Deep down there is a creek meandering. I am walking along a very narrow path. There are huge trees and my little path is so narrow. The path goes into the woods. I’m getting scared because it’s getting dark. Suddenly there is a horse riding down the path. The rider stops and says, “Get on.”
The rider reaches out to me, I grab his hand and he pulls me on the horse. 
It gets darker. I hold on. The horse gallops. We get to a cabin in the woods, we get off the horse. The rider tells me to go inside. 
The cabin is very cozy. I sit down and listen to the conversation.
I guess I am kind of shallow, because I can’t follow the conversation.
The man that brought me comes in.
I am trying to remember, trying to understand.
I am very sleepy, but I want to understand what happened.
I am sitting on a bear rug, I am trying to understand where I was.
This is so strange. I know exactly what happened, but anytime I’m trying to get any kind of a location, I lose my memory.”

Photo by Carl Nelson of Professional Model

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