Work, work, work… with Rita Andreeva

How Does Anyone Get a Real Education Around Here?

“I was happy enough not to get that full time boring job I was interviewing for, after all. I registered for as many credits I could possibly register for for summer quarter. I went to see the college IT manager to get some paperwork signed. I turned it two long forms with a whole bunch of classes I somehow took in the last year, that probably would have filled in someone else’s few years of work. I asked her, “Say, if I wanted to get more… eh… in depth… more like academic, like, more advanced, what other major should I add to my two majors, because I feel like I’m not getting, you know, enough, like the stuff is very beginner, and what do I do to transfer to like UW and …..”¬†
She looked at me with forbearance. That word again? What’s up with that? I mean, how does anyone get real education around here?
“…. Do I apply to UW for like Computer Science or what? Oh… sorry about that hole in my registration form – my cat bit it. You see, my cat is really smart, she knows that this long form means me not being home much with her…. Sorry… She’s just really smart…”
“No problem,” Lisa quickly signed both forms and pushed them to me across her desk. There were oldies playing in the background. “You have a nice cat.” – Rita

Photo by Carl Nelson

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