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Seattle Celebrity News!

July 20, 2011

"Whatever it takes!"

Celebrated Actor to Produce Movie Here! 

Paul Eenhoorn has scripted an independent movie soon to be shot in Seattle.  This celebrated Seattle actor, who plays the role of ‘Pops’ in the recently produced for TV pilot, The Divine Marigolds, has already assembled crew and backers for the shoot.  And Paul plans also to direct the feature, currently titled ROOM 13.   What’s it about?  In Paul’s words: “I can only describe it as a dance.  It’s about what happens to people who introduce a piece or a story about themselves that is captivating, and sad.”  To hear more about Paul, click on our exclusive Seattle Celebrity News! interview with Paul Eenhoorn posted HERE, last year.  

If you would like to become somehow involved in a movie production, (without having to move to Hollywood and smooze smug, sleazy, morally bankrupt producers and end up taking drugs and stuff and/or humiliating/debasing/selling your lovely flesh, (too cheaply, I’m sure!…) go to:   Backers are always welcome.  Helpers are often welcome.  Hangers on are sometimes welcome.  (Could depend upon how well you hang.  (I said that, not Paul.)  Give it a shot.  Whatever, you’ll like Paul I’m sure. – Editor 

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Work, work, work… with Rita Andreeva

July 6, 2011
Alien Abductions Are Loud, Bright Affairs

“How Can You Sleep Through All This Noise?”

“After I came to the US I learned that when aliens talked to people they often did that in the woods and appeared as snakes and deer. So that time when I was talking to a snake I could have been talking to an alien.

I realized that I didn’t feel any worse toward snakes, but suspected that it made more sense if I talked to an alien.

I started driving to the woods at night to watch the sky for aliens.

I saw tons of UFOs and it made me angry when I went to UFO club meetings. No one there believed that one could just see UFOs all the time. Well, I did. I lived in Tukwila then. I saw UFOs from my window, and I drove to the woods in North Bend and saw them there too. I saw them almost every day. My reality became very unreal.  Well, not unreal, but universal. I’d look up wherever I was and see a UFO, and  I’d know it was one, because it darted off real fast, or stop, or do weird stuff. I invited a couple of people with me to witness what I saw, and they saw it too. But they had a strange reaction, all of them, they got scared and wanted to leave right away. Me, I stayed there, all by myself, I wanted to know who those beings were and what they were doing and why. I tried to talk to them. I learned Morze code to do that, so I could signal them with a flash light. By then no one would be willing to go with me. They’d still go to the stupid meetings and discuss why the US government was hiding information about them and how to get it. I kept saying, “Why not ask the aliens?”  Well, I ended up the only one asking them, everyone else preferred to just discuss it in a safety of someone’s house.

They didn’t tell me a whole lot, but they did tell me it wasn’t any of my business. Ha, ha. At the same time this one alien seemed to like me, so I got a ride in one of them UFOs where they gave me a lesson. The lesson was: they turned off the visual so it seemed I was suspended in space, and they said I had to somehow get from one end of UFO to the other. They probably thought I would cry and give up, but I grabbed to some beams in the ceiling and found out I was weightless, so I got to the other end. Then I asked, “So, do I get the driver’s license or what?” They dropped me off at a park in Tukwila and a scary dude in black robe with red sparkling eyes appeared in a bush and told me to mind my own business. Then the rain started and they all left and my ex-boyfriend came running, breathing hard. I asked him, “Did you see that dude with red eyes?” He said, “Y_y_ yes.” So, I mean, I really had tons of witnesses. In fact, I forgot to mention, the aliens came into our bedroom and took me and my ex-boyfriend couldn’t move, so he missed the flying UFO lesson. I was back by the time he got his bodily movements back and ran out to look for me. I thought it was pretty cool. The next boyfriend was worse, he just conked out and woke up in the morning and never knew nothing. Kind of pissed me off because I tried to keep him awake yelling in his ear, “How can you sleep through all this noise!!!” But he kept on sleeping. We broke up, naturally. We had a fight, I went home. I had a cheap apartment in Des Moines then facing the woods. When I got home there was a huge black wolf standing on my porch. I flipped the light on and off trying to scare him off. Nothing doing. Then suddenly I passed out and woke up remembering a dream where I was walking through the woods and little animals like rabbits were running away and suddenly there was a black wolf or a fox flying up to me and he threw me on the grass and proceeded to rape me in the moonlight. At first I fought him, and then I was like, what the hell, why not.
The wolf’s or the fox’s eyes were huge like human, black and sparkling.
I guess Eva could be a wolf-child.
No wonder she is so talented and is like an alien.
I was hanging out with her today, and she got an awesome haircut. I said I was impressed at how good she understands people, I told her she would make a great manager. I asked her if she ever did an aptitute test. She said she did it in college and it came out like 100% for every possible job, and she asked the woman in attendance, “So what do I do?” And she just spread her hands and said, “Whatever you want.”
So I told Eva, whenever in doubt like this, imagine a business you might like to have and start it up and be the boss.
She said that was exactly what she thought she’d like to do, and that she’d already thought of a business and a bank to get a business loan from.
Yeah, I’m the best alien mommy ever!” – Rita

Photo by Carl Nelson (using a professional model)

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