Seattle Celebrity News!

Rough Cut of ROOM 13 Finished

What Paul Will Do For Money to Finish This Movie!

“We waiting for the rough cut and it seems it will be ready this week. From there it’s a look at what coverage and establishing shots we will need. Hopefully pickups will be limited. We are all looking forward to seeing what is needed in the next stage.. It is opportune that we have 40,000 vets coming back from Iraq and hopefully this film will help with the ongoing story of Vets in the US.”  – Paul Eenhoorn (I’m guessing.)

“Room 13 rough cut just completed.” – Aria Elf

Production Photo by Michael Gaston (for an entirely different production.  We put it here entirely for sensational affect.)

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    Catalina Otalvaro pictures…

    […]Seattle Celebrity News! « Schn00dles's Blog[…]…

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