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From the Editor’s Perch

January 30, 2012

Editor’s Note:  My last posts really left my numbers flagging.  So to kill off my readership altogether, I thought I’d share some new thoughts:

I’ve Been Wrong Before.  I’ll Probably Be Wrong Again.  And I May Be Wrong Now, But…

I’ve recently been called a Troglodyte (not personally, just my relations) because of my views on ‘Climate Change’.  It used to be because of my views on ‘Global Warming’.  But that moniker has changed, since there hasn’t been any for the past ten years.  Now we’re supposed to be very frightened because the weather is changing.  

               “Doesn’t the weather always change?”

               “No.  This is Climate Change.”

              “Well, why are we experiencing ‘Climate Change’?

              “Because of ‘Global Warming’!”

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We’re supposed to be getting even more frightened as the days pass, because Climate Change is supposed to be occurring along an exponential curve.  This is what all of the august scientific bodies tell us. 

               “Are you sure it’s all.”

               “Yes.  All credible sources.”

               “And these are the same sources who warned us about Global Warming?”

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             “But aren’t these the same sources which warned us some 30 years ago that we may very well be entering a phase of Global Cooling,  and might have to consider spreading coal dust on the ice caps to absorb more of the sun’s energy.”

             “We’ve learned a lot since then.”

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It used to be that CO2 was just something plants used to grow, and animals produced when they breathed.  Now, however, it has been declared a ‘pollutant’ by the EPA, and needs regulating. 

(Start holding your breath here.  And we will try to make it to the end of this piece before you are forced to break a future federal regulation.  Think of it as being like pushing in a DVD and seeing that FBI anti-piracy warning that flashes on.  No biggie.  You can DO this.)

Apparently CO2 is one of the determining causes of ‘Global Warming’.  Which, though it does not currently exist, is the cause of Global Climate Change.   Which DOES exist.  You got it?   (Or are you just STUPID?)   …because of Global Warming. 

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CO2 does this through a process called the Greenhouse Effect, wherein excess CO2 causes more of the sun’s energy to be trapped in our atmosphere.  This extra energy in turn produces more violent storms…. but apparently not Global Warming.  At least in the last 10 years.   Even though it apparently did so before this.

All credible Scientific sources apparently agree on this, even though the evidence apparently does not.

For example, fossil evidence and geological measurements indicate that in the past, levels of CO2 twenty times the current level did not accompany the extremes in temperature currently predicted.

In this case scientific sources apparently disagree on this, though the evidence agrees.

Alright.  We’re done. You may duck around a corner, out of sight.  Small breaths, now.  And don’t be greedy!

Photo by Carl Nelson

From the Editor’s Perch…

January 27, 2012

(Semi Somewhat) Motivational Posters now available…

Lots to select from.  Reach for the stars!…  without expecting too much.  Have one now, for your own wall or workstation!  They come in many sizes.  (Contact Editor for wallet-sized pricing…)  Go to:

Photo and poster by Carl Nelson

Travelling Expenses

January 18, 2012

One Upside the Head, from Paul

"You can take this to the bank!"

“John Huntsman would have made a good President. He would be a good Vice President. Mitt Romney on the other hand has proven he likes money, he is supported by money, and as Wall Street as shown over and over again, making money doesn’t require an IQ, nor does it require an allegiance to the American flag, or the society it preys on. I am an observer but my guess is that Romney is the biggest mistake this country could make. Thank God he has no chance of winning the Presidency. Unless of course The Supreme Court gets involved. Your Incumbent has fought tooth and nail against an obstructionist republican hate machine, because he is black and he is smart and he is a democrat. I am grateful to this country for offering me more opportunity than any other I could live in, but really? Romney equals wall street and corporatism, he is a vacuous slug who has flip flopped on every principal that the better man would have taken a stand on. Do you really want a man who will stand for nothing? If so you will fall for anything.” – Paul Eenhoorn

Photo taken from the movie, The Dead Men


From the Editor’s Perch

January 18, 2012


Paul finds himself on a billboard.

Sometimes you up; sometimes you’re down. But good things do happen – even to Artists! Paul Eenhoorn (who writes Travelling Expenses for Schn00dles) has a movie coming out this year called, The Dead Men.

From the Editor’s Perch

January 17, 2012

 …Unfulfilled Dreams…

Editor’s Note:  Well!  Hollywood has finally caught up to what we’ve been discussing here, and starring, no less than… Robert DeNiro!

And now, the Movie…

From the Editor’s Perch

January 8, 2012
And No Money for a Beer

“Artistic Failure in America”

I take this title from a blog of the same name.  Here’s a post to get you started:

I especially enjoyed some other articles on this blog about “grizzled artists” – what happens to artists as they get older?

By far the largest percentage of artists are financially unsuccessful.  (Can you holler?  “We are the 99.999999…%!”)  In a society moving so quickly that it’s hindering to stop and puzzle over anything , artists can be slow off the mark.  Artistic endeavor tends to be quite introverted.  Couple that with failure – or just an initial ‘failure to launch’ – and you have the recipe for a mesmerizing dance which can pull an artistic mind downward, occupying  its thoughts for years.  Or, you become successful! for whatever reason, and go on some crazy, lunatic’s getaway of fifteen minutes with the Bitch Goddess.

Better to rush headlong than to be left behind!  Or.  Stay awhile.  Look around.  Get creative.  Think your way out of this.  Failure and success are both interesting mysteries.  Artists worship mystery and often find themselves caught like clouds of gnats buzzing in the darkness of those hot summer nights around the mesmerizing effect of those glittering imponderables… often wondering  if they should continue on in the cultural buzz, or just fall out of the air.  Thinking, while at the bar with another cold one,  ‘this all made sense, when I dreamed it.’

Photo by Carl Nelson

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