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Travelling Expenses

February 15, 2012

“Life of a thousand cuts continues”…

Production Photo

“It’s a bit of a drive to Portland, but as we have nothing shooting regularly in Seattle because there really is no incentive here to soak up the billions that filmmakers are spending in Portland, Vancouver and Toronto it’s Portland or bust.

The drive down is mis-timed and Ron Ronald D. Carrier and I get there two hours early. Okay just run lines. Getting close to call time and Bruce Weech sends me a text telling me to go home and not to bother because he has Nailed It. Ha. So we roll in sign in wait a few minutes and sit in the hole and on deck. They are looking for a Cockney or genuine European accent so I have a chance as my cockney was learnt as a young man who loved Derek and Clive as well as all of the Pythons, and I worked on Speak Not with Hugh.Douglas.Berry.

Audition time, I run through the two scenes and one of the casting people says, Okay we will see you back here at 6.20. I of course, quite surprised as this is a first for me at this point reply, That’s hours away, I suppose I could get drunk. They think that’s an option If I want to. Bruce shouts us to coffee, and I tell them that I already have a call back time. They look at me as they figure I am trying to Psych them. I am the only one called back so the guys finally believe me.

The callback is a dream it goes well, on the drive back my agent calls and says They want to put you on Hold. I say fine. Next day they put me on available and look for any conflicts. None. Thursday comes and I have a feeling that no news is bad news. My agent emails and says that they have released me.

That simple, nothing else, they have released you. So how do I handle that, the part was one that you could sink your teeth into, not big but subtle with its own back-story already. So how do I handle that? I say wait till you see The Dead Men all of you and you realize you have stepped over ME, WTF were you thinking?

I know that sounds self centered but hey, considering the place I am in I have to protect myself, I want nothing else. I have no job and all I want is to work in the craft, with my craft that I have taken a lifetime to develop. So another rare chance goes by, but I gave it every chance. How painful this process can be at times can only be felt by doing! So the life of a thousand cuts continues…”  – Paul Eenhoorn

Work, work, work… with Rita Andreeva

February 13, 2012

Rita Starts Church

Rita explains it all… (or most of it, once she gets around to it.  It takes time!)

Catch it at:

Photo by Carl Nelson of a professional actor/model.

Travelling Expenses

February 11, 2012

Paul Comes Clean

Sometimes an actor must bare his body and soul.

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