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Bill Nye, (Science Guy), Backs “Belief”

In the recent war of provocation that is currently taking place around religion, a friend on Facebook posted this quote by Bill Nye.   Comments were made.  And the debate (read, ‘squabble’) concerning this evident hypocrisy – that their thinking required belief also, and so constituted another ‘religion’ of sorts – on the part of the ‘scientific types’ – made me consider this:  that all ways of thinking require some belief.  Even science, that relies so heavily on evidentiary evidence and facts, still cannot procede without belief.  This is my today’s epiphany!  And why is this so?

Without belief, you can’t think.  You can only re-iterate.  Belief is the only thing that can take us to the thought that isn’t there yet.  Facts and experience alone are like rocks: indisputable but inert.  They don’t need us.  They don’t even know we exist.  Only beliefs need us…  as much as we need them.   – Carl Nelson

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One Response to “From the Editor’s Perch”

  1. yacman Says:

    I completely agree that “all ways of thinking require some belief.” Some examples: 1) Belief in reproducibility. For example, if i dissolve sugar into coffee and someone else does the same under the identical relevant conditions, then the sugar will dissolve again. 2) the aristotellian laws of logic, eg Modus ponens, ie A then B–if A is true then B, and other simple concepts, such Modus Tollens ie something cannot be both true and not true. Violate these basic precepts–these assumptions or beliefs if-you-will, and will always be a victim of confused thinking.

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