Travelling Expenses

Editor:  Paul notes, “… it’s a good script and it all came from this one monologue which I wrote and realized it was a character that wanted to be….”

Into the Woods

Paul Eenhoorn Scriptwriter

There it is.. The death sentence, the guillotine about to cut your balls off. Married Ha! She will not leave her husband. Especially if he makes a shitload of money, love will lose to money every time. So tell me she’s dirt poor!
Jess says nothing.
You sorry son of a bitch. My Theory is, some of us, are meant to love, and we keep loving, but it’s not enough, and I don’…t mean the room mate kind of marriage love, I mean deep abiding heart destroying love, and we think that should be enough. But it’s never enough. We have to get a job, buy a house, a car, medical insurance.. why can’t we just love? You see I think that shit kills love. Marriage kills love.. We keep falling in love you and I, deeper and deeper each time until we meet “The One”. The Big Kahuna, and when that happens we’re gone, because there is no coming back from that one. You see each time we fall into a woman we leave a piece of our heart there, it’s like you cant get it back, and when you meet “Her”, instead of running, which is what any sane person would do, we just walk towards her like a zombie and say, “Rip what’s left of my Heart out Baby oh Yeah, I love the pain”. I have met her, I have loved her and I have died for her. So what I’m saying Jess is that you really.. you haven’t loved enough..Yet! Because you’re still alive!

Copyright Paul Eenhoorn 2012
A monologue from the latest screenplay..

Photo by Carl Nelson

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