Murders in Progress by Eldon Cene

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Stan Cleans the Kitchen

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(Episode 38)

  ‘Once you start killing people, it gets real hard to take orders from noncoms,’ was something Stan had noticed, regarding the changes wrought in himself by his life’s path.  He was having a smoke outside on the back stoop of the restaurant.  He was staring out across the back lot to where his small rental cottage stood, wondering how long it would be before the sex with Carmella got stale, and whether that would be before or after he husband returned, when someone tromped up on his left, right across his shadow.

“Why aren’t you in there working?”

Patterson was a fairly short man, built like a fireplug, with more seniority and a natural inclination to boss.  He strutted around like a rooster with his butt up and his chest out.  The guy was a natural irritant.  He had a tattoo on his left arm of a sparkplug, with flashes of yellow to indicate electricity, like in a cartoon.  Stan liked that.  But it was about the only thing about Patterson that he liked.

“’cause I don’t want to be,” Stan replied.

Patterson appraised Stan.  “What a slacker.  You’d best get back in there, if you know what’s good for you.”

Stan completely disregarded the man.

“You hear me?!”  Patterson yelled, leaning in, so that his face wasn’t more than four inches from Stan’s.

A bit of spittle struck Stan’s forehead above his left brow.

Stan daubed at it.

Then he grabbed Patterson’s face in a pincher grip: thumb in the nose and a knuckle in the eye, rousting him.  And when Patterson tossed out his arms, Stan wrung one, flipping Patterson on his back like a kitten, then tromped the man’s ribs hard.  ‘Nothing like broken ribs to take the fight out of someone, real fast, and for sometime,’ Stan mused, staring blankly as Patterson pleaded, coughed, and winced hard, swearing between each convulsion.  Stan flipped open his knife, really wanting to cut into something, while Patterson’s eyes grew big as saucers.

Stan closed his eyes, took a deep breath… put his knife back.

Stan left Patterson groaning in the yard and walked back inside, wondering why he was so on edge of late.  He was getting sex.  He was thinking that maybe it was an existential thing, as he took up his position as fry cook and began riffling through the orders.   He was beginning to feel a loss of purpose, probably – a loss of mission.  ‘Once military, always military’, he thought, cracking an egg.

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2 Responses to “Murders in Progress by Eldon Cene”

  1. Donn Trenton Says:

    For some reason I liked this better than the shootout. Stan has awesome dirty fighting style… Krav Maga perhaps?

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