What’s Happening in Obscurity

Deep In the Woods

Editor’s note:  Wordpress has really screwed the pooch, as far as I am concerned.  They’ve taken a format I could work with and changed it to suit their needs somehow… but it doesn’t suit mine.  I can’t post a coherent article with the software snafu they’ve created.  How programmers can be so high-handed has unhinged me since I’ve had my first computer… and left me screaming )(*%*^((*&!!!!!  Why do mass murders never strike out against programmers?  It seems such an obvious public service.   Sigh….  Goodbye world.

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One Response to “What’s Happening in Obscurity”

  1. schn00dles Says:

    Well, Alex – the friendly WordPress fellow – started a chat, and we worked it out. So, I’ve removed the hit order. Things are back to normal. Thanks, Alex. 🙂

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