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January 30, 2016

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The State of My Discontent

I’m glad I said something to the effect of “never say never” in my last posting, as I have decided to reverse course and continue my blog.  Only the postings are planned to be personal and/or somewhat impersonal essays.  Also political and whatever comes to mind.  That should cover it.

The social media with its incessant buzzing of current affairs, both political and cultural, has created a concomitant buzzing within my own mind.  Poetry can simply not excrete the level of vituperative informational overload that is being dumped upon me day in and day out.  I simply cannot shit this stuff out fast enough through the medium of poetry to cleanse my thinking.  The essay is a larger and more practical pipe for the carrying off of this effluent – and my blog, with a near non-apparent readership – the perfect place to dump it without the worry of much talk.  Should whatever I say begin to attract more readers and/or the authorities, I’ll have to re-weigh my strategy.

But as it is, right now!  I have virtually no audience, save a few masochistic hangers-on.  All of which grants me great latitude.  I can kick small dogs.  Take the toys from children.  Even enjoy a super-sized fountain cola, without the threat of much blow-back.   I could probably even snack on small birds plucked from out of their nest, (Have you seen this video on social media?)  without causing much of a stir.  And just for starters, I think my first posting will be to say a few positive things about Donald Trump.

Stay tuned.

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