Essays by Carl Nelson

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Two Positive Points to Make About Donald Trump


You have one vote with which to choose a President every four years, a Representative every two years and a Senator every six years.  You feel you stay up on current affairs, are well educated and have some well thought out opinions about how the country should be run.  Your vote comprises 146 millionth of the total electorate and is worth the same amount as someone who doesn’t know where the state of Delaware is.  You have a better chance of getting what you want were you to walk into any business or to flip a coin, head to Vegas, or were to just stand on the street corner and yell at the top of your lungs that you are mad as hell and you aren’t going to take it anymore!   And then, unless you were one of the very rare persons who is actually on the inner circle of where Federal policy is determined, even the well versed citizen might not want what they believe they want if they were to understand the situation more directly.

However.  Imagine that you have located just such a candidate that seems to offer a goodly share of what you would prefer.  This, actually, is not so farfetched as most of us are influenced by others, and our attention is drawn to the more popular ideas and positions.   And it isn’t hard to believe that a candidate might arise who would champion these issues.  That being so, your next problem is whether your candidate can be trusted to be loyal to your issue.

And that being so, let’s say your candidate is cut from the same cloth as you and will try their darnedest to accomplish all that they have promised.  Your candidate may not be able to deliver.  There are umpteen other players and an untold number of pressures also quite determined to leave their imprint on whatever legislation is suggested and passed.

Finally, at the end of it all, the situation may have changed.  What you may have wanted when you voted may not look like the wisest thing now.  And your chosen representative might feel that way also, or not, or somewhere in between.

Suffice to say, voting can look like needing some toothpaste and mailing your money to some corporation whose concern seems to be to produce a better toothpaste, at least that’s what their brochures say, though they haven’t produced any yet – supposing they don’t change their minds or even go under.

Two things remain, however, which a voter can be fairly certain of getting. 

The first is character.  Human beings, (just another animal really), rarely change their spots.  You hire some guy; you get that guy.  And it is in this respect that the American voter can exercise a choice.

The second is a candidate’s fondness for governmental solutions.  A voter can get a fairly clear idea from a candidate’s background and platform (or even more telling, lack of it) whether the candidate favors the governmental or private sector.

Which brings us to why I believe so many people are indicating they will vote for Donald Trump.

There is a strong sense among the electorate that the PC culture is a ‘bullying’ culture.  That the words bigot, racist, sexist, homophobe, Islamophobe, xenophobe, reactionary, facist, hater, microaggressor, antisemetic… the list continually expands  – are used wantonly to bully us into silence.  They see Donald Trump as a bulldozer who demolishes the PC edifice simply by being himself.  And he thrives.  He is an American success.  In Donald Trump they see an ability they like.  They buy it.  And they get it.  Immediately.

People who vote for Trump also resent intrusive government.  He is not an advocate of more government.  And his platform is not filled with progressive measures.  If you didn’t mind a gridlocked Congress, what’s not to love about a Presidential candidate with a bare legislative agenda?   A recent study on the internet is purported to have found that if Trump were elected, 25% of federal employees say they would quit.

A multitude of candidates have said that they would reduce the size of government.  But how many can do so – just by showing up?


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2 Responses to “Essays by Carl Nelson”

  1. William Phillips Says:

    25% Government employees say they’ll quit if President Trump becomes President?????
    Screw the election!!!!
    Kick Nobama out NOW. Move President Trump in YESTERDAY!

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