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Pulling People From Their Cars

November 13, 2016


Pulling People From Their Cars

My barber, who is working with me on our latest strategy to rule my aging hair, was worried following Trumps victory.   “They pulled a fellow from his car and beat him up just because he said he’d voted for Trump!  What kind of people do that?”

I get my hair cut in this little shop about a block from home, which takes up the street side of a small frame building, about the size of a one car frame garage.  It used to be a bank, then a doctor’s office back in the60s.  The barber, who is a skinny woman with ratted hair was about as frizzed as her do.  “Don’t worry,” I reassured her.  “We are two hundred miles of thick forest from people like that.”


I used to live in the Seattle area.  And whereas I didn’t live around people who did things like that, I did live and work around a majority of apologists for people who did things like that.  In Seattle, they were against Hate

Well, out here, embedded with the Trumps, we are not so much… against hate.  We  just know it’s a nasty emotion and best let out only under extreme circumstances.


The problem probably is, that in Seattle, nice a place as it was (and still is, I suppose), having failed to do enough hating in timely fashion – there is just an enormous amount of it piling up.  So that currently, there is racism to hate, Islamophobes to hate, hate-filled bigots to hate, privileged people to hate (but who should actually be hating themselves – if they would just do their share), misogynists and homophobes and transexualophobes and corporate shills, and tools, and then self-interested people in general, plus all those people who don’t care about the planet.  I really can’t recite the whole list here.  Suffice to say, the people who seem to need hating comprise, what I would guess from polls to be, about half the United States!

But it wasn’t just what crawled across the evening news which made living in Seattle a trial over time.  They didn’t just stop at the normal things that need hating from time to time.  Nearly everything a person did or said made for politics in the big city.  And if you found yourself ‘on the wrong side of history’, the crosshairs moved to you, and you needed hating also.

What kind of car did you drive?  Is it environmentally correct.  What kind of house do you live in? (Too large?  Too many windows?   Energy wasting?  Long commute?  Far from public transportation?  Near locally grown food source?  Diverse community?  Can you have chickens?  Poorly situated to capture passive solar?  Can you recycle, mulch, compost, on and on…)  What kind of work do you do?  (Are you ‘giving back’ by working for a non-profit, or a charity in order to make the world a better place… or are you in this life just for yourself?)  Are you raising more children that the planet can support?    Are you raising your children to be free of racial prejudice, sexual assumptions, the accepted mental shibboleths such as American Exceptionalism?  Are you allowing your children to go about unsupervised and possible at danger?  Are you teaching them to drink responsibly?  Are you fat and undisciplined?  Are your children fat?  Are any of your friends overweight?  What are they doing about it?   Does your cooking display a sound knowledge of the world’s diverse cultures?  Have you ever eaten fast food, and if you ever enjoyed it, what is wrong with you?  Do you have any idea what is in a hot dog?  (Don’t even get them started on the high fructose corn syrups which make up the catsup you dribble across it, or the white bread bun completely devoid of nutritional content altogether – even when ‘enriched’.)

Most of these things, by themselves, are reasonable concerns.  So are the Ten Commandments.  But at least in the Bible, there were only ten.  (Which, with the New Covenant, became pared down to just two.)  In Seattle the extent of the new commandments knows no limit.  Virtually everything a person does is commented dissected and commented upon in the public sphere.  Picture a person rising, beginning the day, working, spending time with the family then eating and sleeping – and then picture the ongoing political commentary which accompanies his/her every minute describing how each action affects the moral compass of the community as a whole.  It’s no joke that when the most progressive of this caball extend the moral commentary to its rightful conclusion – their conclusion is that humans are a moral blight upon the earth and need exterminating.  Conservatives would probably agree that we are all born into sin.  But the Progressive leading edge think that as a species, we should be eradicated like a cockroach.

And this is where the Seattle culture as a whole has fallen short.  And you have to wonder if they are really on the right side of history, as they insist upon staying alive – an obviously bigoted stance.  Their rational, I’d suppose, is that they need to live in order to cull the population of the unenlightened others.  Then they’ll kill themselves.  They promise.


To a God fearing culture, it’s old news that we are born into sin.  No surprise there.  Nevertheless, God appears to want us here and expects us to do our best.

Belpre May 2015

So in a God fearing culture such as it is here, embedded with the Trumps, we accept our shortcomings.  Sundays we go to church.  Other days we work to support ourselves.  And otherwise we amuse ourselves as we see fit.  We race gas-guzzling cars.  We hunt.  We shoot guns.  We run around the woods.  We fish.  We eat squirrel, deer, catfish…  We play football.  We love sports.  We fight the elements.  We drive whatever damn vehicle we want.  We dress as we want.  We live in whatever kind of house we want.  We drive as far as we want.  We cloth ourselves as we want.  And we say what we want.  The best estimate we can have of our neighbors is that they are “decent people”.  But, as a whole, we’re all sinners.  I’m afraid that’s the generally accepted community condition.

What is decent?   Well, it has very little to do with either how they’ve voted, the car they drive, whether they’ve worried about sustainable agriculture or global warming, whether or not they’ve ever tried humus and pita bread, whether their home is built to capture passive solar, whether they support LQBJTUVWXYZ rights, more whether they work- than for whom they work, and not even much about whether they attend church regularly, or are overweight.  You live around someone.  You get to know them.  And you know.  …you just know, more or less.

And so far this decency has kept us from pulling people from their cars and beating them for voting incorrectly.  It’s something to consider.

Belpre Ohio1

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Red or Blue?

November 3, 2016


This November 8th, Are You Going to Take the Red Pill or the Blue One?


It would seem Hillary supporters and Democrats, in general, view themselves as the more intelligent, educated and successful portion of the citizenry, burdened with many poor relations.  They would view themselves as the more urbane, cultured, sophisticated and nuanced in both their understanding of current events and the world also.  Add to this that they believe in rational discussion of the facts and disdain the irrational.  You needn’t believe me!  They will tell you this.  As will the media… ad nauseum.    They also glow with rectitude, possibly because they eat ‘smart’ and exercise.

Hillary Clinton’s supporters currently say that the scandal surrounding Hillary’s e mails amounts to nothing.  There are lots of people in like positions of power who have private servers, they say.  The Clinton Foundation, likewise they say, should be commended for the good work it does.  After all, it has gotten a four star (highest) rating from the Charity Navigator in both the Financial and Accountability and Transparency categories.  And Hillary’s health is as good as it could be considering the grueling demands of her present campaign which she is determined to meet.  The majority of the negative press concerning Hillary, (which has been wholly unwarranted they explain with a sigh), has been a media creation as conceived by their Republican bosses.  As yet, I haven’t read any speculation by supporters as to how a couple such as Bill and Hillary have managed to amass a personal fortune of one hundred eleven million dollars from careers dedicated to public ‘service’.


However, now and then there is a glitch in the major media’s digital feeding pipe.  Other sources report that Hillary’s physical problems are most likely due to the progression of Parkinson’s Disease like symptoms… wandering eye, repeated odd gestures, mental freeze when startled, falls, and pneumonia due to swallowing difficulties.  There is a YouTube feed of NBC purportedly altering a wandering eye in a snippet of video from a campaign stop.  There is her reticence to meet with the press and to do public events.  Her crowds are shown to have been Photoshop enlarged. 

 There are also maverick news sources which pop-up here and there which give a much different view of what is occurring both here and abroad.  They show a Europe whose cities are under siege from a flood of immigrants.  They show a leader defending Brexit.  They show people describing perpetrators of terrorist attacks as Muslim.  They show scientists and reporters with graphs and charts which deny that Climate Change is primarily a humanly caused crisis.  They contradict the current governmental and media opinion in numerous areas such as, gun control, religious freedom, women’s equal wage, abortion and the fetal parts market…  It goes on.  Wikileaks seems to have shown a huge light both on the lax security of Hillary’s home server, and also for its use as a way of directing monies to the Clinton Charities which would seem to have been more likely a money-for-influence ‘laundering’ operation.  Regular updates by former highly connected people such as Dick Morris, Chief Political Advisor for both Bill and Hillary for 20 years, would seem legitimate – though they come to us via the offices of the National Enquirer. 

 We get these glimmers of contradictory information which break through the major media boilerplate, but are they true and real?


Hillary fans are also strong supporters of government intervention (i.e. coercion).  It is Trump supporters who are generally the ones ‘intervened’ with – ‘for their own good’.   Hillary supporters see Government as a force for progress, “on the right side of history”, and well worth the taxes we all should pay.  Their opponents on the contrary see Government as a farce for progress marching ineluctably towards a dystopian end.

Which side of the struggle do you side with?  Which side do you believe?  Which is presenting reality, and which the dream?

For myself, I generally side with the Volunteers, and fight the Coercives…  No matter how pleasant the Coercives’ pitch, the sound of their voices, the sweetness of their personalities, their charisma, or how much good they purportedly do or the ends to which they are purportedly headed, such as the ‘right side of history’… I don’t like coercion.


You ever have to get your hands dirty?  Say, while doing some septic or foundation work.  And you look at a particular difficulty and think, ‘This is going to take a BIG hammer.’


Donald Trump , Hillary’s people say,  grabs and deplores women, is poorly informed, rarely reads and is an entirely selfish, narcissistic, authoritarian, billionaire megalomaniac – who probably is not worth a fraction of what he claims and is mentally ill.   This is all delivered up within a yummy mix of charges including racism, misogyny, bigotry, fascism, sexism, Islamophobia, xenophobia, and of just plain base, obtuse, boorish bullying.  On top of this he is afflicted with incredibly bad hair and just being an all-over, absolute, ‘just total’, asshole.


This sounds like a really BIG hammer, to me! 



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